The Outer Worlds: How to Get the Mind Control Ray

The mind control gun.

The Outer Worlds is the newest RPG offering from Obsidian, the legendary team behind some iconic Fallout stories and cult-classics like Pillars of Eternity. This time it had a larger budget and a more robust development team, so The Outer Worlds is a very solid RPG that can compete on its own with Fallout titles as a great story-driven single-player experience.

The Outer Worlds is set in a retro-future space environment, with a myriad of colorful environments, vibrant NPCs, and sinister corporations to discover and interact with. This old-school futuristic setting is home to some very fun and unique weapons as well, one of which is the Mind Control Ray.

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There are many Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds, with various effects. However, the Mind Control Ray is unique because it can completely change the way that enemies behave and alter the course of combat with more than just damage.

The Mind Control Ray does damage enemies, but it also causes them to become allies for a brief time, ignoring the player to attack other enemies-- even their former friends. Not only is this a good thing to have in the tool belt, but it is also just plain fun. The ability to get up to shenanigans is one of the strengths of The Outer Worlds, and the Mind Control Ray allows some hijinks indeed.

Go to Monarch

Unfortunately, this fun weapon is located in a very dangerous location: Monarch. In order to get there, the player must first get their ship up and running. Once the Unreliable is powered up, the player can go upstairs to the Captain’s Quarters and read the terminal entries. One of these entries will have information on the gun. Then, the player can head to the terminal next to ADA and navigate the Unreliable to Monarch.

It may be wise to level up, learn some good pro-tips for Outer Worlds, and then go after the Mind Control Ray because Monarch can be so tough. However, the Mind Control Ray may be worth some sneaking around and running from powerful enemies.

Navigate the Factory

Once on Monarch, players will need to find a merchant named Duncan located in Fallbrook. Duncan will sell the player a datapad that is required for the quest to get the Mind Control Ray. With the datapad in hand, the player can follow the quest marker to a factory in Cascadia. The player will then need to navigate to the last room of the factory. There will be a doorway near the exit that opens up into an elevator shaft. Jumping across the elevator shaft will allow the player to reach a ladder. At the top of the ladder, the player can jump back across in order to find the Mind Control Ray Gun.

The Outer Worlds is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, with a Switch version forthcoming.

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