The Outer Worlds Gameplay Demo Highlights Combat, Weapons, Dialogue, and More


There's no doubt that plenty of fans of the video game developer Obsidian Entertainment are looking forward to the kind of content its forthcoming first-person action-RPG The Outer Worlds is going to bring to the table once it releases later this year. So, in order to give players a better idea of some of The Outer Worlds' gameplay, the studio recently delivered a little more than 20 minutes of an alpha quest demo build that includes a look at combat, weapons, dialogue options, and more.

The latest demo for The Outer Worlds was revealed during PAX East 2019 this weekend, and in addition to the actual gameplay being shown off, it contains running commentary from some of the title's developers to provide additional context for what viewers are watching. The segment of alpha gameplay on display came from inside Byzantium, which is one of the settings within The Outer Worlds' open world that's described as "the city of the elite".

From there, the gameplay demo includes exploration of several spaces within Byzantium along with two of the player character's companions in The Outer Worlds, Nyoka and Felix. The footage also offers up a look at looting, as well as the various freedoms one will be afforded in the game. What's more is that there are unique weapons on display during combat such as the Mandibular Rearranger, which is a scientifically created melee baton that shrinks or swells an NPC's face when they're hit.

Another feature that gets highlighted in the gameplay demo is The Outer Worlds' dialogue system, which provides players with multiple choices for responses during conversations, and will occasionally have companions chime in during the discussion, too. Unfortunately, though, the actual voice acting hasn't been provided yet, so viewers will simply have to read along to get the gist of the kind of dialogue to be expected from the game.

Based on the contents of The Outer Worlds' latest gameplay demo, most will likely agree that there's definitely a lot of promise in what has been built so far, with the project exuding a lot of the charm found within Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully, players will be able to mark their calendars soon with an official release date.

The Outer Worlds is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but lacks an exact launch date.

Source: MrRedRivers – YouTube

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