The Outer Worlds: All The Companions, Ranked

The Outer Worlds has been out for a bit now so a few things have become quite clear. One, living in a corporation controlled universe would be awful! Like, horribly soul-crushingly awful. And two, the companions in this game are the best they've ever been in an Obsidian game. We don't just mean damage-wise either, these are some of Obsidian's best-written characters of all time. But, their true strengths and weaknesses only become clear after finishing their side-quests and using them for quite a while.

So, to help out the new players, we'll be running down the 6 obtainable followers in Obsidian's new RPG to tell you all our personal favorites. Keep in mind, the companions are highly individual, and some may not work for the character you're trying to build. We tried to rank by their personality, overall utility and writing in mind, not just raw damage or whose design we like best.

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6 Nyoka: Lovable Drunken Slob Who Deserves Better

It's quite sad, but the last obtainable companion is actually the worst, at least in our opinion. Nyoka is such a gem too! She's the much-needed drunken mercenary of the Unreliable. She's heartfelt, boisterous, and cheeky 100% of the time. Honestly, if Ellie was a bit more "open" in terms of her feelings, they'd be two peas in a pod. But, when stacked against the other companions, Nyoka just doesn't quite match up. Her skills are Sneak, Lie, and Medical, which a bit of a mixed bag.

Her ability is Barrage which is purely damage based. And her passive buff quirk gives an extra +10 to Lie, which can be useful in some situations. We think it'll become quite clear through the rest of this article why Nyoka is sadly in last, but that absolutely doesn't mean she isn't a worthwhile companion. Because, frankly, her side-quest is probably the best of the six, writing-wise.

5 SAM: A Potentially Amazing Character Stuck As The One-Dimensional Sidekick

In terms of raw power and viability, SAM is the best. It's literally a heavily armored robot after all. Much better for combat than squishy human bits. But, in terms of writing and overall character, SAM is by far the worst. We get it, his gimmick is that it's a non-sentient cleaning robot.

And for a little while, that does work pretty well for a bit of background comedy. Hearing a robot advertise the effectiveness of its cleaning solvent while corroding enemies alive does have a certain charm to it. But, once we took a look around and saw just how much the other Companions added to scenes, missions, and more with their dialog, it was clear as day why SAM ended up as the one we left on the ship the most. There's just no personality there! That said, for a purely aggressive corporate playthrough, SAM is probably the best to use.

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4 Felix: The Loveable Oaf With One Nasty Dropkick

Felix is our dumb little stowaway, and we love him. He's a kid that grew up in the back bays of the Groundbreaker, constantly watching the ships and stars pass by. Adventuring around with us on the Unreliable is a real dream come true for Felix, and he'll charge his mostly empty brain through any walls if it can help out his friends, feet first. Felix is a delight to have around, and his conversations with the other companions are some of the funniest.

Plus, his ability just amounts to a stupidly awkward dropkick! It's hilarious to see every single time, especially against giant creatures and robots, and it's surprisingly useful. Lastly, Felix's skills are amazing when combined with Parvati, since they share two of the three, and they'll give a pretty huge bonus to both Persuade and Lockpick for the player character.

3 Ellie: A Cheeky Sidekick With A Pompous Past

Ellie is a bit of a polarizing character for the fans. A lot of people aren't into her whole "uncaring sociopathic" persona, but we were all about it. Ellie is Nyoka without the sugar, and her quips are always 10/10. Though, players who want her extra side quest-based perk might be waiting quite a while because Ellie's companion storyline doesn't unlock until Byzantium.

That said, her quest has some of the funniest dialog options in the game. Ms. Fenhill's ability isn't amazing, but being able to disarm human enemies is always useful. And, her skills are pretty evenly spread, especially for those who love to Tinker with their Science Weapons. All in all, you might love Ellie, you might hate her, but this Sawbones has a lot to offer.

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2 Vicar Max: The Priest From Prison, Need We Say More?

Originally Vicar Max was our least liked companion. Players can nab him almost immediately after Pavarti, and his nihilistic sarcasm gets old kinda quickly. But, as more planets unlock and Max's "tragic" past comes to light, we turned around on the guy. Sure, Max is obscenely stubborn and irritable, but that changes after his companion quest.

Also, his ability is amazing. Let the Law forgive you might be one of the best "religious" one-liners in history. Basically, this priest blasts the enemies with his shotgun and said blast knocks them down and weakens them. This means the enemy is out cold and is more susceptible to damage, which is a frankly overpowered tool to have offhand. Maximillian De Soto is by far the best blend of character and human weapon in Outer Worlds, and we're happy to have him.

1 Parvati: Factually The Best

You all knew this was coming. How could anyone NOT pick Parvati as number one? She's probably Obsidian's best companion ever! Parvati is such a doll, from the moment we met her in Edgewater. Quite frankly she's just Kaylee from Firefly, but with a bit of an asexual flair. Parvati is a fantastic LGBTQ+ character in a video game, something that isn't seen all too often. But, she's also useful in combat! Parvati's skill Overload is amazing all the way through the game as it works as a guaranteed knockdown, even on Mega creatures.

Plus, it's fantastic for the harder mechanical fights early in the game thanks to shock damage. At the end of the day, the Companion you use if heavily dependant on personal tastes and what type of character you're building, but we very rarely saw anyone keeping Parvati cooped up in the ship.

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