The 5 Best Outfits In Outer Worlds (& The 5 Worst)

The Outer Worlds is the newest game from Obsidian Entertainment, a company known for its incredibly strong RPG skills and writing quality. And, as it turns out, this new game has both! It's one of the best titles we've played all year, and the bleakly lovable corporate-centric writing is always in style.

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We're not surprised something with such quality is coming from the developers behind Fallout: New Vegas. But, unlike when they had Bethesda behind them, this new game obviously didn't have quite the same budget. There are strong comparisons to be made on both sides, but it's not nearly as long, the weapon variety is a bit low, and the different amount of armors and cosmetics are shockingly small. But, we did our research and picked the absolute best and worst outfits we could find in the game..

10 Best: The Chimera

We're going to switch things up a bit and start off with a late-game piece of armor, the Chimaera. This fancy suit is the quest reward for finishing the side-quest "Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel" given to us by Byzantium's premier fashion designer, Celeste Jolicoeur.

The quest itself is quite easy and just requires a bit of gathering but the armor reward is well worth it. This "light" armor has the weight and appearance of simple fabric, but all the defense of some of the best heavy armor in the game. And, it gives +10 to dialog skills! The perfect suit for anyone who wants to look fancy, talk their way out of any room, all while keeping their defenses high.

9 Worst: Clothing From The Byzantium Shop

The ironic part about the Chimera quest is that Celeste's shop is also full of what seems to be plenty of other "unique" armor items such as the Oxonian top hat. But, the only way to acquire them without angering all of Byzantium is to take out Celeste and her two guards. And, we absolutely wouldn't recommend that considering these armors suck.

All of them are just fancier variations of the random cloth pieces found throughout the game and don't offer any exemplary skill bonuses or anything. Sure, you look fancy, but that's it. So as tempting as that "named" item looks, hands-off. Trust us, it's not worth it.

8 Best: The Iconoclast Armor

The Iconoclast armor is our personal favorite in the game. The face masks in particular just look so cool and the two variations of body armor players can find have a real "wasteland" look to them without sacrificing color. That said, some of the armor we can't obtain like Zora's or Graham's does look a bit Toy Story-esque with the red and yellow combination.

But, overall the Iconoclasts ironically have some iconic armor. We know that the weird lights on the face mask look cool to us, but don't to a lot of other people, so it's absolutely up to personal preference. And, there are a few within the compound that for some reason wear by far the stupidest hat in the entire game.

7 Worst: The MSI Armor

And, on the other side of Monarch are the MSI with their hideously colorful armor. Remember how we said that the Iconoclast armor works even though it's bright red and yellow? Well, the MSI armor doesn't work specifically because it spreads red, yellow, and blue randomly across the armor pieces.

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There has to be cohesion! One of the biggest problems with Outer Worlds is that all the corporate armors look similar. Basically, there's a light, medium, and heavy set that all the companies make tiny variations of. And, while that fits with the theme of the game, it means that there isn't much variety between the different companies outside of the color palettes. So why choose MSI over literally any other company?

6 Best: The Hibernation Suit

This is our "purely aesthetic" choice of the list, but the Hibernation suit looks so good! Tubes hanging off everywhere, a weird bubbly helmet, and of course its skin tight. Player's can get this suit immediately after leaving Terra-2 by traveling to Phineas's Hideout and looking around.

Unfortunately, because this is literally the first armor in the game, it's quite awful defensively and has zero mod slots. But it can be decent when thousands of bits are dropped into tinkering it? That said, the helmet gives +5 to Tech skills, so players can still justify using it, and it goes well with quite a few different armors in the game.

5 Worst: The Ship Guard Armor

The Groundbreaker is one of the first locations players will experience outside of the awful town of Edgewater. This ship, sadly enough, is also falling apart as soon as we arrive. And it's up to us to fix it so that the residents and Mardets can live in peace.

What is a Mardet you ask? Well, that's the name for the Groundbreaker security forces or police. You know, those hideously dressed guards spread throughout? That's right, the Mardets are absolutely on our list of worst outfits in the game, as they look like a 70's version of someone designing "space-gear". Plus, it's almost impossible to find these suits in-game.

4 Best: Aramid Ballistics Armor

Remember how earlier we were trash talking the MSI Armor? That's because this armor exists as a contrast. Why would we ever wear the MSI gear when Aramid Ballistics has a much stronger and more aesthetically pleasing set? Sure, black is boring.

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But, when your other options are bright yellow, white & pink, or a horrible combination of the primary colors, black starts to seem more appealing. And, these are 100% the type of armor to wear for the late-game, as they offer the highest amount of defense across the board.

3 Worst: Spacer's Choice Armor

Last in our list of trashing the corporate armor sets are Spacer's Choice. This is a company known for its shoddy equipment, in fact, they made it their selling point. Spacer's Choice stuff breaks easily, but it's cheap to buy another one, so don't worry!

Well, that same design mentality doesn't quite work with armor, because we need high defense in the moment. If their gear offered shockingly high defense with equally awful durability, that we could understand. But, what it actually translates to in-game is that the Spacer's Choice gear is always awful, no matter the level. Its the armor to wear in Edgewater, and then once you take off in the Unreliable, immediately toss it out the airlock.

2 Best: The Maurader Armor

The creatures and other enemies in The Outer Worlds are pretty unique. Sure, again because of the budget, there isn't a lot of variety with them, but Rapitdons and Mantisaurs are pretty awesome designs! That said, most of what the player will be fighting while wondering the galaxy are marauders.

These are non-corporate affiliated bandits that like to set up roadblocks everywhere. There are goons, vandals, hooligans, lookouts, and ringleaders. But, all of these marauders wear little variations of the same armor set, and all of them look so cool! It's a shame that their armor is essentially worthless. At least the headgear has its uses.

1 Worst: The Scientist Scrubs

And lastly, something we were so frustrated getting throughout the entire game are these scrubs. All of them are awful! None of them have mod slots, and the few unique variations of them just buff status effects by a minimal amount.

Sure, looking like a quarantine doctor for a bit is fun, but there's absolutely no reason to use this armor for an extended period of time. Luckily, they're light, so we always kept one around in case we needed to pass a Tech or Medical skill check, but otherwise, there's nothing to gain from holding on to one of these sheets of plastic.

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