'The Order: 1886' Viral Campaign Begins

With The Order: 1886 just shy of two months away, it's time for the marketing machine to kick into full gear. While Ready at Dawn's been relatively silent since the game's delay earlier this year, over the past month or so The Order: 1886 has slowly come out of hiding.

Footage shown at Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards confirmed that the game's looking more gorgeous than ever. Attendees at Sony's Las Vegas-based PlayStation Experience waited in line for up to three hours for a crack at the game's twenty minute demo. Earlier this week, an evocative trailer asked viewers to join London's decimated police force while teasing the game's monstrous enemies.

But it wouldn't be a major video game release without a live-action video designed to go viral. Thankfully, it looks like Ready at Dawn's got that covered, too. Earlier today, the studio released a clip from a fictional "BCO News" broadcast, which begins when construction workers find a human skull buried in the dirt and quickly turns into something much more sinister.

While the characters in the video seem disturbed to discover that monsters were alive in the Victorian era, anyone who's been following The Order: 1886's development will know immediately that the uncovered skeleton belongs to the werewolf-like "half-breeds" originally revealed in The Order's E3 trailer.

The Order 1886 BCO News

The Order chronicles the descendants of the Knights of the Round Table as they battle the half-breeds (also known as Lycans) and struggle to maintain order as a rebellion threatens to break out among the lower classes. Oddly, the BCO News team doesn't seem to know anything about these major historical events, calling the canonicity of the video into question (although, on the plus side, transport officials finally got rid of that broken-down bus in Burnley).

Anyone who's not in on the joke won't be fooled for too long, of course. After the live-action part of the video ends, a brief selection of game footage - mostly ripped from the E3 trailer, and focusing on the half-breeds rather than the soldiers - explains exactly what's going on. While that ruins the gag and probably limits the video's viral potential, it's always nice to see a little more of The Order: 1886's gameplay in action, and visually the game still looks great.

It's been a long wait, but The Order: 1886 is almost here. Hopefully, it'll be the killer app PlayStation 4 owners have been waiting for - and even if it's not, at least viewers got to enjoy Belle Lupton, Limehouse Mortuary's chief pathologist, and the rest of the BCO crew.

The Order: 1886 comes out on February 20, 2015 for the PlayStation 4.

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