'The Order: 1886' Gameplay Footage & Cinematic Teaser Trailer

The Order 1886 Police Teaser Trailer


If there's one thing that The Order: 1886 has going for it, it's a setting and style that is downright guaranteed to set it apart from the competition (whenever it happens to be released). One of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives ever since it was unveiled by Ready At DawnThe Order's marketing has been kept to a minimum in the time since. But this brief, moody teaser may be a sign that all that is about to change.

The cinematic mood piece might seek to encourage onlookers to "Join the London Police" but the wealth of blood and monstrous killers proves one thing above all else: the mutated 'Half-Breeds' are an enemy only the game's heroes are capable of tackling. The alternate history crafted for the game will be calling on some famous faces to keep the mutant threat from consuming all of Victorian London, but clearly some lives will have to be sacrificed.

The Order 1886 Police Teaser Trailer

After the game broke its silence recently starting with a gameplay video showing action well beyond the streets of London, it's nice to see that the quieter, tension-filled background of period London isn't just as important - but deemed worthy of additional focus by Sony and the developers. From what we played of The Order ourselves, the visuals and fluid combat were easily the most impressive feature of the PS4 showcase. But as stunning as its style may be, the one lingering question remains just how varied, how open-ended, and how well-paced the game's campaign will turn out in the end.

For those who missed out on the 'Agamemnon Rising' gameplay footage, have a look below:

There's no question that a market for a beautiful, eye-catching third-person shooter exists on any platform. But it would be a shame for a premise and location as intriguing as this - an alternate version of 19th Century London defended by descendants of the Knights of the Round Table - to merely act as a backdrop to an otherwise straightforward shooter. Hopefully this sombre teaser is a taste of more to come, confirming that The Order's more cinematic attributes shown in the game's early stages are safe to expect from the experience overall.

Where does The Order rank among your own anticipated games of 2015? Is it the style, setting, and tension that you're most interested in, or the tweaks to standard third-person combat and weapon effects? Share your thoughts in the comments, and prepare yourself for a chilling fight.

The Order: 1886 releases February 20, 2015 for PS4.

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