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Typically, the idea of a studio known primarily for handheld game development shifting to consoles is viewed with a bit of skepticism; but in the case of Ready At Dawn's Victorian-era The Order: 1886, PS4 owners are more than intrigued. The game may only have a cinematic announcement trailer to show at this point, but it's proven more than enough to distinguish the new IP as one to watch for the next-gen line-up.

The latest trailer for the third-person shooter - 'The Pledge' - follows one cinematic tease with another, proving that the game will indeed be downright dirty, and provides a deeper look at the characters and mythology behind the centuries-old war players will be leaping into.

At least some of the anticipation expressed for a lengthy look at The Order can be credited to PS4 owners hungry for another top-tier exclusive, but there is genuine reason for excitement. Since the game was first announced with a gripping cinematic trailer, it was clear that the developers were turning to a time period and setting (if not enemies, weapons or gameplay) that is woefully unexplored.

The Order 1886 Character Details

The Victorian London of The Order isn't one out of the history books, however, as the player finds themselves drafted into a secret war between the forces of Arthurian-named knights and grotesque mutations seeking to overtake Europe. The game's plot isn't a simple case of an alternate history, but something a bit more clever: rewriting history by crediting this secret war for the rise of the Industrial Revolution, fueled by a need to develop better technology to keep the mutant monstrosities under control.

The game isn't only meant to attract the attention of history buffs, of course, but those eager to see the hardware of the PS4 used to push the graphics and effects of console gaming as much as an exclusive is expected to. To make sure that it does just that, the developers of The Order are turning to Hollywood film effects to add a new dimension to the standard third-person shooter.

The in-game screenshots previously released showed how lens distortion and lighting would give The Order a unique look, and the new trailer confirms that a dank, dim, and dirty aesthetic is the overall goal. The emphasis on film effects and a cinematic experience also means the team has locked the game to 30 frames per second to ensure their vision is met.

Unfortunately, the new trailer doesn't show actual gameplay, favoring the story once again. Luckily, gameplay footage has made its way on line, so fans can see how the game will look and feel in motion:


What do you think of the trailer and gameplay? Are you interested in seeing more gameplay footage before getting too excited, or is it the story you're most intrigued by? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Order: 1886 is expected to release in Fall 2014, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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