Fans didn’t get to see much of The Order: 1886 when it was unveiled at E3 2013 with a stunning cinematic trailer, and promised as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Even so, that short glimpse and the studio behind the game was all that was needed to build interest.

Ready at Dawn‘s first foray onto a home console has now been revealed as Game Informer’s November cover story, accompanied by a trailer looking behind the scenes and offering the first look at gameplay.

Some may have thought that the lack of information concerning The Order since its announcement was cause for concern, but the cover reveal trailer shows that the team has simply been putting their time into development. And who can blame them? There’s enough pressure on the studio – previously responsible for some of the best PSP titles ever made – to deliver with their first non-handheld property, but add in the creation of a brand new IP, and the weight of showcasing the PS4’s early potential, and plenty of experienced teams would crumple.

Little was known about ‘The Order’ in question when the first trailer simply showed the 19th century soldiers doing battle with undisclosed monsters, but Ready At Dawn has explained what their overall goals are with their entry int the next generation. For starters, the team – containing several former Naughty Dog and Blizzard employees – are hoping to emphasize cinematic storytelling and style on par with the Uncharted series.

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The Order 1886 Game Informer Cover

From a story standpoint, the studio is crafting its very own fiction behind the gameplay: following an ancient order of knights charged with keeping supernatural enemies at bay, period London plays host to fantastic weaponry, and an alternate take on history. The footage shows that the team isn’t reinventing the wheel – adopting a standard over-the-shoulder third-person shooting presentation – but in their eyes, their are more important ingredients for success.

Story is clearly the main priority, but the way players will be experiencing it using cinematic conventions is one area in which the studio hopes to innovate. Specifically, applying lenses and camera distortion to the game’s visuals in order to capture the realism of the experience, and in their words, keep it feeling dirty.”

More details are sure to arrive in the coming weeks, but for now, what do you think of the premise and talent behind The Order: 1886? Does the story seem like one you’d be ready to dive into, or will you hold off your excitement until more of the game’s systems and plot are explained? Sound off in the comments.


The Order: 1886 will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, at an unannounced date.

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Source: Game Informer