‘The Order: 1886’ Gameplay Video Shows Off the Cinematic Shooter

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While interactivity marks the most significant divide between film and gaming, the creation of a truly cinematic experience — while not exclusive to film — is far more prevalent on the silver screen. This is due in part to the limitations of modern hardware and the difficulty of striking a balance between a meaningful gameplay experience and moments that rival that of Hollywood blockbusters. One such game that seems determined to establish this balance is The Order: 1886.

Standing as one of the most impressive-looking PS4 titles on the horizon, this can in part be attributed to The Order: 1886‘s filmic influences and Ready At Dawn’s insistence on emulating the effects of a camera lens and capping the title at 30fps. This has come through in the various trailers and screenshots that have surfaced but gamers have still been left wanting an uninterupted look at the title’s gameplay.

Following a Twitch stream hosted by Sony to promote the title, gamers were given a look at a short period of uninterrupted gamplay which has been subsequently uploaded to YouTube by user GamesHQMedia. Upon taking a first look at the gameplay, it’s evident that The Order lives up to its description as a “dirty” third-person shooter. It may be early, but it seems a safe bet to say that this is shaping up to be one of the gloomiest titles in recent years.

It still remains to be seen whether the gameplay will manage to feel as visceral as it looks, but what’s currently on display is encouraging. Stepping into the shoes of Galahad, the protagonist seems to have a prominent sense of weight to his movements. This could surely aid in providing the player with a meaningful gameplay experience, but one of the biggest worries that one might levy is that the exerience could be hurt by its seemingly linear nature.

The Order 1886 Galahad Story Trailer

While the player does seem to have complete control over Galahad between moving and shooting, the experience — at least at this juncture — looks to be almost akin to an on-rails shooter. For some this is sure to be a moot point as long as the experience itself feels significant and worthwhile. If The Order is to successfully push forward the notion of cinematic gaming experiences though, Ready At Dawn will need to show that cinematics can be achieved even outside of a linear experience.

Between a unique setting and an interesting story that could give Hollywood cinematics a run for their money, The Order: 1886 is shaping up to be a strong contendor among the PS4’s exclusive offerings. With E3 quickly approaching, it’s likely that more details will surface so gamers should keep their eyes and ears open as the weeks leading up to the event quickly tick by.

Do you think The Order: 1886 will succeed in pushing the cinematic envelope in the world of gaming? Do you think it will have strong gameplay to match its strong presentation?


The Order: 1886 is expected to release in Fall 2014 as a PS4 exclusive.

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