'The Old Republic' Class Story Expansions Being Planned

Star Wars The Old Republic Class Story Expansions

Not every game developer believes that story and character development are the most important parts of a role-playing experience, especially a massively-multiplayer one. But with Star Wars: The Old Republic the distinction couldn't have been any clearer. In case some players have already taken their characters to the conclusion of their respective stories, BioWare is promising that even more acts and adventures are being planned at this very moment.

Anyone who has been paying attention to The Old Republic knows just how many changes are currently being applied to the existing game. Update 1.2 has brought more improvements than some MMO's experience within their first few years, but it's not just the mechanics and gameplay systems that are being corrected, but the connections and fiction behind the characters themselves.

Alternate characters will soon be able to join one big, happy family, but in speaking with GamesOn the project's Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo gave a brief mention of what's in store for the story portions of the game. Individual classes each have their own stories and branching decisions, but when asked if the more unsatisfactory conclusions are going to be left as is Amatangelo confirmed that the stories are far from finished:

"Oh yeah man, that’s a big thing and it’s something that will certainly, certainly be used in future story direction. I mean, the decisions you make really matter, even the small ones. The smuggler has a kind of similar one, a kind of parity, where you can be like “F.U. Republic”, so it’s a matter where those things will certainly carry over into future stories.

"In Operations, there’s like the Class story arcs and then there’s the World story arcs. Operations will continue the World story arcs on a galactic scale, and some of the Class dialog that you’re going to see will be based on your personal choices. The Class story arcs will be continued with future updates, future content packs and we’ll certainly be supporting both threads. Expect more, and expect it sooner than later."

It's good to hear that player progression and decision-making will be expanded into both the singleplayer and Operations sections of the game. It's hard to believe that some subscribers have already maxed out the game's content, with each class featuring 200 hours of content, but we won't underestimate Star Wars fans.

If BioWare is known for one thing it has to be telling stories, and the depth of fiction and Star Wars mythology at work in each of The Old Republic's class arcs is one of the most commended aspects of the game. The development team made bold claims when they said that this MMO would be not just one, but several sequels to Knights Of The Old Republic, and story expansions had best be on their way if the fan base is to be kept happy. No more details have been provided, but we'll keep you up to date on any and all announcements going forward.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for the PC.

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Source: GamesOn

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