The Last Story Gets the First Trailer

first trailer for the last story

In some incredibly nerdy circles, saying the name "Hironobu Sakaguchi" may just be enough to send a shiver down the collective spine.  Say what you want about his most recent efforts, the man is a role-playing genius that has worked on and influenced some of the greatest games of all time, including Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, and Kingdom Hearts.  At the beginning of this year it was revealed that Sakaguchi and his Mistwalker studio were developing a project for the Nintendo Wii called The Last Story, and millions of Wii fans simultaneously and spontaneously wept for joy.

In the meantime, we've been privy to some basic concept art and not much else until earlier this week when Nintendo released the first ever trailer for The Last Story and, well, it looks pretty freakin' sweet.  Go ahead and give it a watch here:


At first glance, the trailer looks really polished. The Last Story seems to be very fluid, not to mention graphically impressive and sporting a low-key but very effective art style. The cinema scenes are about what should be expected but the gameplay appears to be some kind of third-person, team-based, real-time melee action with... is that a cover system!? Okay, sure. Why not? In all honesty, it kind of looks like Demon's Souls and Mass Effect 2 had a baby and dropped it off on Nintendo's doorstep.

If the trailer is indicative of the game's quality, you can go ahead and count me in day one.  While there is no exact release day yet, the trailer lists a 2010 time frame which probably means we'll see The Last Story in North America sometime in 2011.

What are your thought on The Last Story?  Epic Win or For The Lose?

Source: Andriasang

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