'The Last Story' Coming to North American Wiis this Summer

The Last Story Coming to North America

Anyone remember that grassroots movement called Operation Rainfall? Its whole purpose for being around, besides a badass name, was to encourage Nintendo to bring three big Wii games to North American shores.

The games in question were none other than Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower. Xenoblade was confirmed for N.A. as a GameStop exclusive several months ago, and today Nintendo has confirmed that The Last Story will make a similar move — courtesy of an exclusive publishing deal between Nintendo and XSEED Games.

News of The Last Story's, now pending, North American debut came during the big Nintendo Direct announcement made earlier this morning, hosted by none other than Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. The big announcement was made at the very end of the pre-recorded video, much to the delight of those hoping for this game to be made available in their region.

The Last Story was only given a "coming later this year" release window from Reggie himself, but XSEED has since sent out an official press release narrowing down the time frame in which players can expect to get their hands on the title. The game is now expected to land on the Wii this coming Summer. Unlike Xenoblade Chronicles, fortunately, the game won't be exclusive to GameStop, and should be up for grabs at retailers across the nation when it does release.

Everyone who supported the efforts of Operation Rainfall are probably ecstatic at this latest development pertaining to The Last Story, and can now begin focusing on getting the final game, Pandora's Tower, localized. They'll have to get a move on too, because the Wii U is scheduled to become available during this year's holiday season. Still, two out of three isn't too shabby, right?

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Source: Nintendo Direct

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