Spike VGAs 2011: 'The Last of Us' Finally Unveiled

The Last of Us Reveal Trailer

The hype's been building for some time now, you've seen the teaser trailer, you've seen the first screenshot, hell, you even saw the game appear in Uncharted 3, but you're still wondering what was is The Last of Us about? Well, it seems we finally know.

The trailer for Sony's upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us dropped just moments ago live at the Spike Video Game Awards, and we have to say, it was pretty breathtaking. The trailer showed off  unprecedented graphical fidelity, enough to make the infamous Killzone 2 trarget render trailer. And that is to be to expected, seeing as the game is being developed by Naughty Dog.

The trailer actually did look like a Naughty Dog game, the artstyle and character animations all reflected those of the developer's beloved Uncharted franchise. For those wondering what the cordyceps ants talked in the past were about, in the trailer we saw a woman with what looked like a giant tumor coming out of her head, or, more likely, the cordyceps fungus.

The game seems to put an emphasis on survival and story, with the trailer focusing on a family scavenging around a run down house. Aside from that, there's still little known about the game, such as how the fungus spreads, but we're sure it'll be only a matter of time until all is revealed.

If you have yet to see the trailer or just want to watch it a few more times to take everything in, we've got it right here:

What do you think of The Last of Us? Could it be the next big PS3 game? Let us know in the comments.

The Last of Us is currently in development for the PS3.


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