A sequel to The Last of Us may still not be confirmed, but that hasn’t slowed down the mega-popular new IP in the slightest. PS3 owners are already enjoying the game’s first DLC and the intensely emotional game is in the early stages of a film adaptation. With the constant attention and hype that has surrounded the game since its June 2013 release, it’s hard to imagine that there are any PS3 owners left who haven’t caved in and picked up the game.

According to the latest sales figures released by Naughty Dog, sales of the PS3 exclusive title are still staying strong nearly nine months after the game’s launch. As of the beginning of March, The Last of Us has moved over six million units, which isn’t too shabby for a brand new property.

The spike in sales since the new year can likely be partially attributed to copies of The Last of Us that were packaged with PS3 consoles over the holidays (like Amazon’s Black Friday bundle) which sold quite well during the late 2013 shopping season.

The Last of Us Alternate Ending

It’s no surprise that the game has been a hit. After selling roughly 3.4 million copies in its first three weeks on the shelf, The Last of Us became the fastest selling new franchise in PS3 history and the quickest selling PS3 game of 2013.

Although a PS4 port of the game is highly unlikely (partially because of the upcoming PlayStation Now service), it’s hard not to speculate about the kind of additional sales that Naughty Dog could pull in with a current generation port. On that same line of thought, those sales figures would likely spike even higher if the game were ever to be released across all of Sony’s supported platforms.

Naughty Dog will be at GDC this upcoming week to give presentations on “some of the techniques and process that went into making The Last of Us“, and “what made Left Behind, our first ever downloadable, single player story chapter, so unique.” Perhaps fans can expect more news on the property there.

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The Last of Us is currently available exclusively on PS3.

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Source: Naughty Dog