The Last of Us: Celebrate Outbreak Day With Game Sale and New Poster


Naughty Dog unveils its plans to celebrate the fictional Outbreak Day from The Last of Us, with the game and its DLC going on sale alongside the release of a brand new poster.

In the world of The Last of Us, Outbreak Day was hardly a cause for celebration. September 26 marks the date on which the title’s Cordyceps virus reached critical mass, leading to untold horrors for the surviving human beings in the world. However, developer Naughty Dog certainly sees the day as something to commemorate, and has announced its plans to help spread the word.

To begin with, Naughty Dog has confirmed that The Last of Us and its DLC are now seeing "significant discounts" over on the PlayStation Store - although the PlayStation Store itself may not have updated for these sale prices in all regions yet. This includes The Last of Us: Remastered, the Left Behind DLC, several of the game’s multiplayer content packs, and an Outbreak Day PS4 theme. However, alongside selling the game on the cheap, the developer has also confirmed a brand new poster for the game.

The new poster, which was illustrated by Kevin Tong working closely alongside the studio itself, is certainly impressive. According to Naughty Dog, this is only going to be a "small volume production," with each poster numbered and signed by the artist himself. Those interested in checking out the poster can see it below, and head over to Mondo Tees where the poster is available.


If that’s not enough for The Last of Us fans, then Naughty Dog also has a little more in store. The Last of Us apparel and collectibles will also be going on sale over at the PlayStation Gear Store, with 20% off the price of products. For more information on all the discounts, as well as the poster, interested gamers can head over to Naughty Dog’s website.

Although The Last of Us was released late into the last console generation, and had somewhat surprising beginnings as a Jak & Daxter reboot, the title still made a huge impression on the gaming community. Combining an intriguing story with tense gameplay and a huge level of quality, both the game and its protagonists have gone on to have a fondly held place in gaming history. Indeed, the game was so impressive that it was brought over to the PS4 with a hugely successful remastered edition.

Perhaps because of the game’s success, rumors surrounding a sequel to the title have refused to go away. Indeed, even Ellie's voice actor wants to do The Last of Us 2. Now that Naughty Dog has finished with the Uncharted series, perhaps now is the time for the developer to take another crack at the world of The Last of Us.

Source: Naughty Dog

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