The Last of Us: Part 2 Revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016

During PlayStation Experience 2016, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially reveals developer Naughty Dog's The Last of Us: Part 2 with a new trailer.

Although it was unofficial information at the time, NeoGAF user and industry insider Shinobi602 offered up the notion that Sony's PSX 2016 would reveal a sequel to Naughty Dog's popular post-pandemic title with some brand new footage. Interestingly enough, such information is no longer unsubstantiated, for those in attendance and fans watching at home got to see the first real look at The Last of Us: Part 2 during PlayStation Experience 2016.

As seen in the trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2 below courtesy of GamingBolt, fans get a look at an older Ellie and Joel, which are going to be the two returning protagonists of the game. Although there wasn't any actual gameplay aspects in the footage due to the title still being in the stages of a being an early build, it's safe to say that fans are simply happy to know at this point that the series will continue.


In a previous report about a year ago, Neil Druckmann, the writer and creative director for The Last of Us stated that Naughty Dog was interested in new characters for the followup. However, it makes sense that Ellie and Joel are making a comeback in the sequel, as the 2013 release ended with a major cliffhanger that left the female protagonist's fate up in the air.

At this point, though, not too much is known about The Last of Us: Part 2's story beyond the fact that Joel and Ellie are still together and trying to survive in the gruesome, albeit beautiful landscapes designed by Naughty Dog. Of course, the dynamic between the characters could be a lot more fraught this time around should Joel have let Ellie in on some of the details involving how the first game ended.


The Last of Us: Part 2 has been floating in the collective consciousness for quite a while, but prior to today's reveal, Naughty Dog and its associates were adamant about not knowing where the franchise stood in terms of its future. The actor for Joel, Troy Baker, denied knowing anything about its existence, despite fellow thespian and media cohort Nolan North's confirmation of it last year.

Taking all of this into consideration, with The Last of Us having been critically acclaimed due to its "emotionally engaging" third-person action, Part 2 ought to satisfy fans' desires for even more of what made the original so great. With any luck, we will receive confirmation of The Last of Us: Part 2's release date in the coming weeks and months.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently in production for PlayStation 4.

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