The Last of Us is one of PlayStation’s best-known game franchises, and the original game is the reason that many decided to buy a Sony console. As a result, it’s only fitting that Sony and developer Naughty Dog would like to commemorate one of the major dates in the game’s lore by offering The Last of Us: Part 2 items.

September 26 is Outbreak Day, otherwise known as the date in which the infection “hit critical mass” in the first game of the series. To mark this year’s Outbreak Day, Sony and Naughty Dog have unveiled several goodies related to the upcoming sequel, The Last of Us: Part 2. These include a brand new poster created by artist Kevin Tong. The poster is available to purchase until September 29, 10 AM PT from, but fans are warned that after this the poster will be gone.

Additionally, a PS4 dynamic theme based on The Last of Us: Part 2 announcement trailer has been released, including “ambient audio” from that very same video. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Gear Store has begun selling a t-shirt with The Last of Us: Part 2 logo, and there are discounts on The Last of Us merch.

The Last of Us Outbreak Day PS4 Theme

Today is Outbreak Day – the day the infection in The Last of Us hit critical mass. Mark the occasion with a new PS4 theme, a timed-edition TLOU poster and more.

Posted by PlayStation on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fans of the iconic PlayStation series love any excuse to celebrate one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. But many will be disappointed that Sony and Naughty Dog have yet to reveal any more fresh, concrete information on what the upcoming game may offer. For example, fans have put the pieces together and suggest that The Last of Us: Part 2 will be set in Seattle, but they would very much like an official confirmation.

That new poster for the game also provides more fuel to get fans’ rumor mills turning. Is that Ellie’s fist clutching a crowbar, or is that actually Joel’s? Ellie is supposedly the main protagonist in the new game, but as Joel did make an appearance in the trailer, he may well be playable too. Some fans will be glad that they have more material to work with, but others will again be frustrated by the tease.

Positively, Scott Lowe, Naughty Dog’s senior communications director, does say that the company “can’t wait” to share more with fans. PlayStation Experience 2017 seems like a safe bet for the next reveal, as this is where the game was officially announced last year. That event begins in December, so there isn’t much longer to wait.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is in development exclusively for PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog