Despite The Last of Us: Part 2 being announced during PlayStation Experience 2016 last year, Naughty Dog has revealed very little about its hotly anticipated game. Although fans know that the game will focus on Ellie and will be about hate (rather than love), just a few details are known.

But one major new detail about The Last of Us: Part 2 may have just been confirmed by some Naughty Dog job listings. On Twitter, the game’s co-lead designer Anthony Newman posted a list of open job positions at the developer, including game designers for multiplayer systems and multiplayer layout.

The full description of these jobs make no mention of The Last of Us: Part 2 or any other game. In fact, none of the positions name any games at all. However, the hired designers will be working on Naughty Dog’s “next multiplayer game” and the background in Newman’s image is a photo of Ellie from the game’s announcement trailer. All signs point to The Last of Us: Part 2 having some sort of online multiplayer component.

The first game in the series featured multiplayer, allowing The Last of Us players to take part in deathmatch as well as capture game modes. Although they were not the biggest draw to the game, with its emotional and gripping story being the main selling point, many did enjoy the multiplayer content that Naughty Dog offered them. And despite the developer not having made any official announcements about multiplayer in The Last of Us: Part 2, it would make sense for the developer to build on the first game’s foundations.

As The Last of Us: Part 2 still doesn’t have an official release date or even a release window, Naughty Dog may have plenty of time to show off the multiplayer modes. But multiplayer is just one of many details that the developer will have to explain, highlight, and reveal. For example, there is still speculation about where the game is set, with fans piecing together clues that point to Seattle.

Even core gameplay aspects are up in the air, with the developer teasing horseback combat, but it has yet to show any of it in action. Naughty Dog will surely show off this sort of single-player content before it details anything about multiplayer, but the suggestion that online features will be included is good news to those who appreciated them the first time around.

The Last of Us Part Two is in development for PS4.

Source: Naughty Dog