With Naughty Dog’s forthcoming sequel to its beloved survival-horror title The Last of Us having skipped E3 2017, fans of the game are without a doubt waiting on pins and needles in anticipation for the studio’s next official announcement about how far along the project has come in the production process. Of course, instead of idly standing by, some fans have decided to be proactive in their celebration for the title, with the Instagram user known as Chubbbyman having recently commemorated the game’s original protagonist, Joel, with the assembly of an incredibly detailed custom figure.

As seen in the Instagram post from Chubbbyman below, the fan of The Last of Us has painstakingly put together a one-sixth scale model of Joel using multiple assets that have been molded, shaped, and painted by various artists with whom he’s collaborated online. While the Instagram user didn’t necessarily craft the objects himself, he does exhibit a keen eye for the pieces required to create an immaculate sum of the parts, as he assembled the Joel figure after receiving all of custom-created items.

Interestingly enough, Joel isn’t the only protagonist from a Naughty Dog game that Chubbbyman has used as inspiration to make a custom model. As it so happens, the main character of the Uncharted action-adventure franchise, Nathan Drake, has also been made as a part of the figure curator’s collection, with the character donning his signature shoulder gun holster, as well as the grappling hook that was introduced in the fourth installment of the series, A Thief’s End.

Of course, while Chubbyman’s custom Joel figure for The Last of Us looks magnificent, it’s safe to presume that the model will make the majority of fans pine for the sequel’s arrival. However, with Naughty Dog currently remaining radio silent on the issue, fans will simply have to make do with watching the game’s PlayStation Experience 2016 reveal trailer for the umpteenth time.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

Source: Chubbbyman – Instagram