With only a few console exclusives left before the PS4 launches, Sony is taking every opportunity to cross-promote that they can. As part of that initiative, Sony packaged a demo for Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic survival title The Last of Us in with God of War: Ascension. The demo didn’t unlock instantly, mind you, but it has finally become available for public consumption.

However, with that demo has come an unexpected byproduct: story spoilers. Not the types of spoilers that come with playing a demo, but spoilers for the entire game.

Apparently, hidden somewhere within The Last of Us demo code are clues towards the game’s chapter titles and level descriptions. And as it turns out, those chapter titles are pretty revelatory. We won’t post them here because, like most people, we want to head into The Last of Us pure, but apparently the details discovered hint towards the fates of specific characters and the game’s finale.

Obviously, with spoiler culture being what it is today, gamers have taken to posting the spoilers on the forums of NeoGAF, 4chan, and on Reddit. So, tread lightly anywhere you see the title “The Last of Us.”

It’s not a complete surprise that a demo would lead to spoilers — a similar situation happened when a Mass Effect 3 demo accidentally leaked online — but it’s hard not to feel bad for the developers at Naughty Dog, who’ve done a great job thus far of playing their cards close to the chest. They’ve teased the story in The Last of Us here and there, but luckily Sony has enough confidence in the finished product to let them reveal only what they think gamers should know going in — nothing more.

It’s one thing to have to navigate the comments section of something like a BioShock Infinite review knowing that the game is already on store shelves, but when we’re still a full month away from The Last of Us‘ release, you start to wonder why people take so much pleasure in spoiling the experience for others. There’s a time and a place for discussing a game’s twists or ending, but when there’s no context there’s no fun. Nevertheless, the spoilers are out there, so be careful.

The Last of Us releases June 14, 2013 for the PS3.

Source: Eurogamer