Anyone who wants to appreciate the graphical prowess of a current generation console, this is the video for you. One fan took one of the sharpest games ever made, The Last of Us, and gave it the PlayStation 1 treatment. Watch as Joel and Ellie become amorphous, jagged shapes with mush-faces. It’s a low-grade walk down memory lane.

What makes the video interesting is that it accurately captures the style and look of what The Last of Us would actually look like on the original PlayStation. There isn’t any action, or scenes that play out — it’s more of a digital diorama — but it’s still pretty cool.

The artist, 98DEMAKE, set up some sparse environmental details, then planted PS1 Joel and Ellie and a few Cordyceps zombies. They are much less intimidating when the fungus on their heads transform into simple geometric shapes.

The artist is already getting positive feedback, along with requests in the comments for other games to get the PS1 makeover, such as God of War. He’s set up a Patreon where fans can support his work.

The video is a nice homage to The Last of Us, which currently has a sequel in development. Though developer Naughty Dog said a Last of Us sequel wasn’t a sure thing, many fans still held out hope. There was a period of rumors and possible leaks until it was officially confirmed at Sony’s PlayStation Experience in 2016 with a foreboding trailer. Ellie was revealed to be the main character, while Joel’s role was left ambiguous.

Since then, however, Naughty Dog has kept quiet. Audiences hoped for something at this year’s E3, but the game was a no show. The game’s creative director took to Twitter to explain the situation, saying the team was excited to show more, but that they were allowing the Uncharted spin-off, The Lost Legacy, to have its time to shine.

It’s likely going to be a long wait until the sequel is released, so we’re thankful there are passionate fans like 98DEMAKE to help us pass the time.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be available exclusively on PS4.