With enough distance between the release of The Last of Us and now, developer Naughty Dog has begun discussing the particulars of their game’s story. And, while the characters of Joel and Ellie are worth exploring at length, most gamers have wanted to hear more about the game’s ending, and how it came to be.

So, at PAX Prime 2013, Naughty Dog sought to give gamers a closer look at The Last of Us in the form of an alternate ending. This isn’t a narrated explanation either, but as close to the finished product as gamers are going to get — complete with mo-cap actors and a rough lighting pass.

Of course, in setting up the scene, there is going to be some spoiler-y material, so those gamers who have yet to complete The Last of Us — arguably one of the best games of the year — should bookmark this page and return once they’ve finished.

The rest can check out the alternate ending video below:


Okay, who really thought it was going to be an actual “alternate” ending? Anyone that’s familiar with Troy Baker (the voice actor for Joel) knows that he’s prone to comedic antics, so it’s no surprise that Naughty Dog wanted to throw him a curveball. After repeated takes of intense drama, Creative Director Neil Druckmann felt it was time to let his actors blow off a little steam.

Although there is no video evidence to suggest it, we’d venture to guess this isn’t the first time the folks at ND have done such a thing, perhaps they have done it once or twice with Nathan Drake himself, Nolan North. And we bet he took the off-kilter moment in stride as well.

All jokes aside, those who are interested in knowing some additional information about The Last of Us‘ ending are in luck. Not that long ago Naughty Dog detailed some of the story beats that didn’t make it into the final cut of the game, including an ending with a more definitive tone. It’s certainly worth a read, and provides some perspective into the developer’s original approach to the game.

As for the video; it’s good for a laugh, especially in a scene that is extremely tense, and it keeps us thinking about the game’s terrific story. Now about that Last of Us DLC

What do you think of this alternate ending for The Last of Us? Should Naughty Dog have used this take instead?

The Last of Us is out now for the PS3.

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