Will Sony Announce The Last of Us 2 at PSX?


According to a post on the Internet forum NeoGAF, Sony could potentially use PlayStation Experience 2016 as a platform to announce Naughty Dog's The Last of Us 2.

As if it needed to be said, many fans were let down by The Last of Us 2's absence at E3 2016 during Sony Interactive Entertainment's press conference, leading some to wonder whether or not any aspects from the Naughty Dog title will ever see the light of day. Now, it seems as if the sequel to the 2013 survival-horror release could very well be officially announced before the end of the year, as a well-known industry insider on NeoGAF known as "shinobi602" took to the site to post a simple image of the game's co-protagonist Ellie with the words "The Last of Us 2 confirmed" on it, with the added the tease of, "Maybe you don't have to wait that long."

Although shinobi602 didn't provide a specific date as to when fans should expect an unveiling of The Last of Us 2, it's quite possible that Sony could use its PlayStation Experience 2016 event as a means to broadcast the game's existence to the world. Of course, the Japanese multinational has yet to confirm PSX as the platform for TLOU 2's reveal, but should shinobi602's information be reliable, then it would make the most sense for Sony to use its biggest bash of the year to amplify the impending release of what many consider to be the most highly anticipated sequel beyond Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2.

In the past, shinobi602 has been considerably accurate with their predictions, with one of the NeoGAF user's most recent claims that God of War 4 would be revealed at E3 2016 ending up correct, as well as their assertion several months ago that The Elder Scrolls 5 would get a remaster, which has of course has resulted in Skyrim Special Edition. So, bearing in mind shinobi602's successful track record, it's highly likely for fans to see The Last of Us 2 get announced sooner rather than later.


While The Last of Us 2 being revealed to the public in an official capacity would undoubtedly be exciting to say the least, it's not as if many would be all that surprised. As it happens, the followup to the original action-adventure game has been discussed openly by Naughty Dog many times, with the title's co-director Neil Druckmann alluding to TLOU 2's development being moved forward after Uncharted 4's DLC was completed.

While that may be the case, there's a chance that Naughty Dog could already be building The Last of Us 2 and the studio simply doesn't want to make a big deal about it in the press until it has something solid to show to fans. After all, shortly after the release of Uncharted 4, the developer announced it was "looking for level designers" with "art and modeling experience" to work on "fun and emotionally engaging third-person action," which is certainly The Last of Us' modus operandi.

All things considered, should Sony have a teaser trailer for The Last of Us 2 waiting in the wings to be revealed at its PlayStation Experience this year, it's safe to say that gamers would be ecstatic to know that the franchise will be coming back to life with another installment. In actuality, not only would the fans be enthusiastic about the sequel, but also the title's potential cast, as Ellie's actor Ashley Johnson has been vocal about wanting to do another game.

The Last of Us 2 has yet to be officially confirmed, but it would be expected to release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: ThisGenGaming

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