Rumor: The Last of Us 2 Release Window Revealed

Several weeks ago, a rumor began circulating that indicated that an update on the highly anticipated The Last of Us: Part 2 would be coming in preface of E3 2019. Now, with E3 2019 just over two weeks away, a new rumor has cropped up, offering a release window for Naughty Dog's forthcoming title and indicating when the Last of Us 2 release date will be officially confirmed.

Specifically, the rumor states that the Last of Us 2 release date will "most likely" come in fall 2019, something that would certainly be exciting to the myriad of fans that have been waiting for the continuation of Ellie's story. It is further stated that this Last of Us 2 release date will be officially revealed with a new trailer, which the rumor suggests is scheduled to be shared this week.

This Last of Us 2 rumor originates from two Spanish websites: Gamereactor Spain and Legion de Jugadores. Indeed, Gamereactor states that "sources close to the company" have indicated that a trailer will verify the Last of Us 2 release date within the week. So too, Legion de Jugadores has information from an "anonymous source" that points to the arrival of a Last of Us 2 trailer in the upcoming days, and that "it is possible" that an end of the year release will be confirmed.

the last of us 2 release date trailer

Certainly, as is the case with any such rumor, these statements should be approached with skepticism. However, there is another rumor currently circulating that could potentially support the claim. Namely, it has been said that Sony will be sharing a new trailer for a PS4 exclusive, first-party title this week, and that could certainly be the Last of Us 2 trailer that Gamereactor and Legion de Jugadores suggest is forthcoming.

That said, even if a trailer does release this week, there is no guarantee that it will set the Last of Us 2 release date for fall, or even set it at all. There have been many other rumors that pin the Last of Us 2 release date for this timeframe, including a recent Last of Us 2 "leak" from an online retailer, and these new claims could simply be a continuation of those previous rumors. Fortunately, it seems that fans will not have to wait long to verify the accuracy of this new Last of Us 2 release date rumor.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is in development exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Gamereactor, Legion de Jugadores

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