Naughty Dog made sure to let fans know about a couple of years ago that The Last of Us: Part 2 will focus on Ellie as the main character in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive survival horror release. While Ellie is going to be the primary vessel through whom players will experience the sequel’s story, the developer recently revealed that the game may feature more than one playable character.

This much was divulged by The Last of Us: Part 2‘s co-lead gameplay designer Emilia Schatz in an interview with JeuxAct, with the Naughty Dog developer saying that the studio is only ready to show gameplay for Ellie so far, but it could be prepared to unveil footage of a new playable character in the future. As stated by Schatz, “At this point we’re just ready to show Ellie as a playable character. That may change in the future, but we’re not really ready to talk about that just yet. I think there is quite a lot about this game that has not yet been revealed.”


As many The Last of Us: Part 2 fans will surely recall, Sony’s PlayStation Live broadcast from Paris Games Week 2017 showcased footage that not only gory and brutal situations, but also a new cast of characters that were not in the original title. Interestingly enough, the debut of the female survivor named Anna in the video generated the theory that she could be Ellie’s mom, and intimated that she could even be featured as a playable at some point in the story.

Of course, while the prospect of different playable characters other than Ellie in The Last of Us: Part 2 will definitely be intriguing to most players, it’s safe to say that diehard fans are more consumed by the desire to know the fate of Joel. After all, Joel was the lead role for the majority of the original TLOU, so perhaps he could be featured as playable during a segment of the sequel’s story like Ellie was in the first game.

Not to mention, much like how Naughty Dog VP Neil Druckmann has previously asserted that The Last of Us: Part 2 only has Ellie as its playable character, many fans will likely recall that prior to the launch of the original TLOU, he also maintained that Joel was the only playable one, but fans then discovered when it came out that Ellie had her own playable segment later in the game. At any rate, we will simply have to wait for more details from Naughty Dog regarding all of these matters.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, but has yet to receive an official release date.

Source: JeuxAct (via GamingBolt)