The Last of Us 2 Concludes Shooting of Final Scene, Says Dev


The Last of Us: Part 2, is no doubt one of the most highly-anticipated titles right now, which sadly still has no official release date as of the moment. Although The Last of Us 2 release date rumors are frequently surfacing online, a recent update from Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann confirms that the studio has just finished shooting the game's final scene, bringing it one step closer to completion.

In Druckmann's update via Twitter, he also posted a photo of the game's script, which showed the phrases "CUT TO BLACK" and "THE END." The developer implied that shooting the game's final scene was a challenging task for the studio, which makes perfect sense given that endings are usually the venue for developers to conclude a character's storyline, or to set the events for the next game if a sequel is planned.

Of course, while Druckmann's revelation is an important milestone in the production of The Last of Us 2, it doesn't mean that the game's development is nearing its end. Usually, video games and even movies are shot out of order, so while the game's final scene has been completed, it is possible that Naughty Dog is still in the middle of filming other scenes. Given that the studio still hasn't given a release date for the game, it is likely that fans would have to wait for a little while longer before they delve back into the stories of Ellie and Joel.

While The Last of Us 2 is confirmed to release on the PlayStation 4, yesterday's unexpected PS5 hardware reveal confirmed that players will be able to play The Last of Us 2 on Sony's next-generation console given that the PS5 is backward compatible to the PS4. It is worth remembering that the original game was released near the end of the PS3's lifecycle, and was eventually remastered to the PS4. Given the timing of things, it is likely that Naughty Dog will also optimize The Last of Us 2 to complement the beefier hardware of Sony's upcoming console.

Nonetheless, the important takeaway from Druckmann's update is that The Last of Us 2 is making progress in its development. Given the massive success of The Last of Us, it is understandable that Naughty Dog is taking its time to develop the perfect sequel that would hopefully live up to, or even surpass, its predecessor.

The Last of Us Part 2 is currently in development for the PS4.

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