Fan Creates Awesome The Last of Us 2 Art

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Although the game was released in the twilight years of the last console generation, The Last of Us is seen as one of the standout games of the PS3. The Naught Dog-developed Sony exclusive, which bizarrely started life as a failed reboot of Jak & Daxter, gained a huge fanbase and massive critical acclaim, and there was plenty of praise for the game’s tight story and extremely tense moments. The post-apocalyptic horror was a commercial smash too, selling 6 million copies by March 2014 alone – not bad for a game that its own co-director expected to fail.

The game’s success has continued well beyond its original release, however, as The Last of Us saw an impressive remastered re-release for the PS4. Meanwhile, fans of the game have had some hope that there would be a sequel to the title that is generally thought to be one of the best games of the last console generation. Voice actor extraordinaire Nolan North stoked the fires of fan expectation during a Q&A panel at MetroCon, by casually stating that he knows “they’re doing a The Last of Us 2.”

Since then, Troy Baker has clouded the water somewhat, with the voice of Joel stating that he does not know anything about a potential The Last of Us sequel. However, that hasn’t stopped some gamers from wondering about exactly what form the sequel would take, with one intrepid fan even creating some hugely impressive fan art for the as-yet-unconfirmed project. The Last of Us player Sackboy_305 took to the official PlayStation Forums to unveil a pair of excellent fan-made images of how The Last of Us 2 may look.

The Last of Us 2 Ellie Snow

The two images, which showcase Ellie in a pair of in-game environments, use Naughty Dog’s own artwork alongside real life backgrounds. Sackboy_305 has tried to emulate the developer’s art direction, in particular based on what it has done with the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In fact, the intrepid user even gives an example of Uncharted 4’s graphical style.

The user’s work showcases two very different locations, with an overgrown room very familiar to those who have played the original game. Meanwhile, the second image shows off a frozen forest that we can image is not quite a winter wonderland, akin to some of the cold locations of DLC pack The Last of Us: Left Behind.

It may be a while until fans do see a sequel to The Last of Us. Although co-creator Neil Druckmann has said that his team has talked over some ideas for The Last of Us 2, any work on this project has been put on hold until Uncharted 4 has been completed at the earliest. Hopefully, there will be some more news after that – but until then, at least fans have the original game’s soundtrack on vinyl to keep them occupied.

Source: PlayStation Forums