During the Xbox E3 Briefing this year, Microsoft announced a new game called The Last Night coming exclusively to Xbox One. The Last Night is an indie title and the first outing for developer Odd Tales Games. Those who love cyberpunk may want to pay attention to this one, as it is giving off serious Blade Runner vibes.

Here’s the trailer for the game, which features a mashup of 2D action and beautiful 3D environments:

The Last Night is being touted as having a two-dimensional cyberpunk open world. And that open world apparently doesn’t stop with just one area.

Players will apparently be able to travel between four districts of a cyberpunk city, with the developer looking to make each one a unique place visit, managed by each one having its own “distinct architecture, cultures and industries”. Players will also be able to travel between those districts using different vehicles including taxis, ferries, and monorails.

The Last Night screenshot

The game is being called a cinematic platformer with gameplay that combines action, stealth, and infiltration. The goal appears to be to try to keep a low profile and remain undetected while going about completing whatever objectives the game sets before players. Also mentioned as points of gameplay are “driving down epic highways, flying drones, and hacking droids to do your dirty work.”

It also appears that The Last Night will be much more than just an action platformer. The game is set to boast “a diverse, inclusive cast of complex characters to interact with.” That interaction will take place through branching dialogue that the developer promises will be “meaningful”.

Interestingly, The Last Night actually got its start as a small Flash game that was made over the course of just six days by two brothers as part of the Cyberpunkjam in 2014. It took the award for best game during that gamejam, and you can even play that original Flash game here. Since then, it appears that the brothers, Tim and Adrien Soret, have been building out the game, which will launch alongside the Xbox One X when it launches November 7.

e3 2017 button link image

The Last Night will release November 7, 2017 exclusively on Xbox One.