Looking to spruce up your look in The Last Guardian? Here’s a guide on how to unlock secret costumes, including those based on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

There are many reasons why The Last Guardian has become one of the most anticipated games in recent video game history. As well as the intriguing notion of the title itself, the game of course has come from the same stables as such standout titles as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. As it turns out, The Last Guardian shares more similarities with those two games than simply its connection through designer Fumito Ueda.

During The Last Guardian, players are actually able to unlock hidden costumes for the player character, and some of these will look very familiar for those who have played any of the classic Team Ico games. Indeed, out of the five outfits that are available for unlock, two are given a special place, based on the heroes of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus respectively. Read on to find out how to unlock these special costumes.

For starters, players will need to have played through the entirety of the game once, as these costumes will only unlock after the player has completed The Last Guardian for the first time. Although some of the game’s more impatient players may want access to the title’s costumes immediately, it’s not much of a wait considering the game’s well-publicized delays. As mentioned by VG247, after the game has been beaten for the first time, start a second playthrough – unlocking the Badge of Honor medal for the loveable Trico in the process.

last guardian trico forest

Getting the other outfits for the boy, however, is not quite as easy. Rather than being unlocked through additional time spent in the game, the player must instead hunt around the game world for barrels to feed Trico. Some of these barrels aren’t exactly out in the open, however, with some hidden in places such as behind headless guards – so, be on the lookout for barrels wherever possible. However, it’s more than worth it to find costumes reminiscent of some of the best games on the PS2.

Each of the costumes will unlock with a different number of barrels. The Enduring Attire outfit unlocks after 12 barrels, while the Homecoming Costume will be available after 24 barrels. The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus unlocks are next, with the Ico-themed Horned Apparel ready after 48 barrels and the Warrior’s Clothes from Shadow of the Colossus unlocked after 64 barrels. A final outfit, named Fine Featherpainter, is available after 96 barrels.

To then equip these costumes, the player simply has to pause the game, and then select Options, then Items, where the outfits will be found. This has to be done in-game, rather than on the title screen, but the Items menu does come with a notification of how many barrels the player has managed to find so far.

So far, The Last Guardian has been receiving fairly positive reviews, but it’s too early to tell as to whether the game will go down in history with the same acclaim as the titles that have gone before it. In particular, there have been some criticisms that the game struggles under its anticipation, particularly given issues such as AI frustrations. However, it still seems to be more than a worthwhile experience for players.

Once more, here are the unlock rates for these hidden costumes.

  • Enduring Attire – 12 barrels
  • Homecoming Costume – 24 barrels
  • Horned Apparel (Ico outfit) – 48 barrels
  • Warrior’s Clothes (Shadow of the Colossus outfit) – 64 barrels
  • Fine Featherpainter – 96 barrels

The Last Guardian is out now for PS4.