The Last Guardian Gets a New Breathtaking Trailer and Release Date

The Last Guardian

If ever there was a case for the “games as art” argument Team Ico’s beautifully rendered The Last Guardian is it. Everything that has been shown so far from this game mixes the art style we have come to love with a childhood innocence akin to something like E.T. Finally, as predicted, we have our second trailer for the game as well as a general release date.

Sometime during the holiday season of 2011, gamers will be able to go on what looks to be one of the most unique adventures to be had on a console. The interactions between the boy and the dog-bird creature capture a sense of connection unlike anything I have seen in a video game (sorry Peter Molyneux).

Speaking of gameplay, it looks as if we are getting something much similar to Ico than Shadow of the Colossus. Our protagonist must traverse precarious ledges, deftly defeat enemies, and complete puzzles all with some much needed assistance from his feathered friend.

Artistically the game is top notch. While the animations are a bit rudimentary as compared to what traditional top tier titles are delivering, the look of the game, similar to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, is so unique that it is sure to stand out. In a time when video games pride themselves on realism it is a breath of fresh air for a developer to take a risk.

The Last Guardian

Tokyo Game Show is not over so keep your fingers crossed that this isn’t the last we will be hearing about The Last Guardian from Fumito Ueda and his team but most likely we will be waiting until next TGS until we get any more major reveals. For me, this trailer was all I needed to confirm that this game will be one of the most talked about titles of 2011. My only request is this: Please for the love of all that is good to not kill the giant bird-dog because if you do I will cry for days. Days.

What do you think of this new trailer for The Last Guardian? Is it exactly what you needed or is it too close to Team Ico’s previous work to get you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

The Last Guardian is set for a Holiday 2011 release on the PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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