Ever since The Last Guardian‘s big surprise reveal during Sony’s press conference at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June, fans have been clamoring for any information regarding the long-awaited title. After being stuck in development hell for almost half a decade, gamers were not only pleased to find out that their yearning for the title was not done in vain, but also that Fumito Ueda – director and lead designer of the innovative classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus – remained attached to the project.

There hasn’t been much news since The Last Guardian‘s gameplay demo at E3 2015, but fans of the upcoming collaboration between Ueda’s new studio genDESIGN and Sony Computer Entertainment could be receiving a surprise some time next week. While the details are slim, it’s possible that The Last Guardian might have a showing at the Tokyo Game Show 2015.

According to a Tweet from genDESIGN today, the studio is “thinking about how to take Trico to the Makuhari ( in a new and different way)”, and accompanies the announcement with a rather cryptic image of Trico – the eagle-dog hybrid creature featured in the title – behind what looks to be a virtual cage, and the possible shadow of a developer imposed upon a video screen. For the uninitiated, the Makuhari Messe is the venue at which Tokyo Game Show 2015 will be held, so it’s highly likely that we’ll receive news about the title in some capacity at the expo.

Sony recently announced a slew of PlayStation 4 games to be shown at their TGS booth, and although The Last Guardian wasn’t listed at the time, the company said that more titles could be added to the list at a later date. With Microsoft’s announcement to skip Tokyo Game Show 2015, Sony’s briefing could be the top presence at the event, especially if The Last Guardian makes an appearance. However, a few days ago, the popular publisher, developer, and distributor Square Enix teased a secret during their forum that has the potential to surprise everyone.

Generally speaking, there’s no telling what genDESIGN and Sony have in mind for fans of The Last Guardian. After being originally announced way back in 2009, developers will assuredly have to find a way to recapture gamers’ attentions. Regarding the huge gap in public knowledge about the title since its initial reveal, even Fumito Ueda feared no one would remember the PS4 exclusive. Nonetheless, with the director’s track record in mind, it’s safe to say that The Last Guardian ought to impress fans and critics alike once it finally releases.

Although The Last Guardian lacks a specific date for availability, the game has a release window for some time in 2016, and will be exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: genDESIGN (via GameSpot)