'The Last Guardian' is Making Progress But Won't Appear at Tokyo Game Show

The Last Guardian Ueda Update

Few games could maintain hype for years on end the way that The Last Guardian has. Luckily for Team Ico, its fans are incredibly loyal and optimistic. The action-adventure game was initially being developed for PS3, but has suffered numerous delays and re-engineering that set the development back to square one. Although disappointing, it wasn't very surprising that the game was absent from Sony's E3 2014 presentation. Despite the lack of visual proof, Sony insists that things are still progressing on the The Last Guardian front.

With the PS3-era in the rear view mirror at this point, some gamers have begun to worry that The Last Guardian will never see the light of day. Sony has yet to comment on whether the game is being overhauled for the new console generation, but it seems like a safe bet. Regardless of platform, Sony does insist that the game is still in development and moving forward.

Vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, explained to VG 24/7 that he could not give any updates on the game, but that the company is still very excited about its development.

“It’s something we’re very, very excited for, and I understand why people want to ask all the time, because it’s an exciting project from an exciting team.”

The Last Guardian Rumoured To Not Appear At E3

That may not be a game-changing announcement, but when it comes to The Last Guardian, any confirmation that development is still moving forward is good news. Many fans were hoping that an announcement concerning the game may arrive at Toyko Game Show, but it seems we shouldn't get our hopes up for that either.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida was asked about a TGS appearance during Gamescom and he explained that he doesn't think the game will be featured at the event. When pressed about when we will see more of the game, Yoshida gave the following response...

"When we are ready. I cannot confirm any timing because we are waiting for it to be in a state where we are happy that this is the game. We have a certain time frame in our mind, and the team is making great progress, but still not to the point that we can say that, here you go."

With no release window mentioned, it seems like a PS4 version will likely be the announcement when the company is ready to share more details. It's possible that the game will be released on both PlayStation consoles, as well. Although it is disappointing to wait so long, hopefully Team Ico delivers another unique gameplay experience and the delayed development will have helped create a superior product.

Are you still excited for The Last Guardian or do you think the wait has been too long? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: VG 24/7

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