Executive Producer Of 'The Last Guardian' Has Left Sony

The Last Guardian Executive Producer Leaves Sony

It seems as though The Last Guardian just can't catch a break. Despite being one of the most anticipated PS3 titles since the system's initial release, the next  Team Ico game has endured one mishap after another. Nevermind the fact that the game got delayed, or that it didn't appear at the Tokyo Game Show this year, now the executive producer behind the game has left Sony.

Unlike the story earlier this week about Fumito Ueda leaving the company - which is still considered a rumor - this can be confirmed as a fact. Yoshifusa Hayama, who had been Vice President of Sony for about four years, has officially left the company and is now the creative director of young London studio Bossa, which is currently focusing on making 3D social network games.

No information has been given regarding the reason for Hayama's departure. However, it has come to light that Sony has issued a company-wide gag order on discussing Fumito Ueda's current employment status, so it's likely that another has been issued regarding the reason behind Hayama leaving. This only raises more suspicion as to why such an order is needed.

There also isn't any confirmation of denial of Hayama doing what Ueda is doing and continuing to work on The Last Guardian from his current position. Though, considering Ueda is working freelance and Hayama is actually with another company, that seems incredibly unlikely. This leaves us with more questions as to how this will affect the development of The Last Guardian.

Meanwhile, Hayama is already fitting in well with the company Bossa, which looks to break the mold of social games and evolve them into games that can compete with console releases. The company is based in London's Tech City hub, and has already released their debut title Monstermind to the public, earning over 380 000 monthly active users.

What does Hayama's departure mean for The Last Guardian? What could've caused him to leave?

The Last Guardian's release date is still unknown, but it will arrive on the PS3.

Source: Develop

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