The Last Guardian Releases New Trailer for GameStop Expo 2016


The developers at Team Ico provide a brand new trailer of its forthcoming action-adventure title The Last Guardian for GameStop Expo 2016's livestream.

Despite recently being delayed again, with it now releasing in December of this year instead of October, Team Ico's The Last Guardian has put out a brand new trailer during a Gamestop Expo livestream, showing off some fresh gameplay footage. Although the studio behind the action-adventure title gave fans a glimpse at several different areas and in-game scenarios with high resolution screenshots not too long ago, the trailer offers a better idea of the ways in which the young boy protagonist and the half-bird-half-mammal creature known as Trico interact with one another

As seen in the trailer for The Last Guardian below, the young boy is given assistance in various instances from Trico when it comes to traversing across treacherously thin bridges, as well as canyons with incredibly deep drops. Plus, fans get a look at an enigmatic jade-green artifact that resembles some sort of ancient disc or plate that will seemingly send the usually calm Trico into a fit of rage.


While the latest bit of footage for The Last Guardian is undoubtedly beautiful, one can only imagine how much better the PS4 exclusive would look if it goes on to receive an upgrade patch for the recently announced PlayStation 4 Pro. However, Team Ico has yet to officially declare whether or not it will eventually be enhanced for Sony's 4K-capable and HDR supporting console.

Of course, while they are a significant element to consider, visuals are not the most important aspect to focus upon when it comes to video games. As a matter of fact, many fans of The Last Guardian have been wondering exactly how the title will play upon release, and they might be dismayed to hear that some journalists who played the demo have reported negative experiences, with several people declaring there to be serious problems with its gameplay, as well as numerous graphical issues.


Be that as it may, with The Last Guardian having been pushed back once more in order for developers to get two more months to tackle bugs and errors, one can only assume that the final product will be totally polished and more stable upon its official release. After all, with the game spending almost a complete decade in production and surviving development hell, it would be a shame for the studio behind such classics as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to finally launch The Last Guardian, and have it be a mess on day one.

What did you think about The Last Guardian's latest trailer? Did it intrigue you to purchase the title, or do you need more incentive to pick up a copy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Last Guardian is set to release on December 6, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Theemmywall – YouTube (via VG 24/7)

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