It’s not generally newsworthy to point out that a game first announced over three years ago continues to exist. Then again, most games aren’t The Last Guardian.

The 2012 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in full swing, and Sony’s press conference has come and gone. Needless to say, The Last Guardian did not make an appearance – as was also true of Gamescom 2012, and E3 2012, and TGS 2011. For Team Ico fans eagerly awaiting some kind – any kind – of news on the game, the only consolation comes from an alleged Sony of Japan developer who claims that The Last Guardian “exits.” Cold comfort, Ranters. Cold comfort.

Last month, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida opened up about the “technical issues” that continue to plague The Last Guardian, noting that portions of the game’s code needed to be completely rewritten. Since that time, no updates on the state of The Last Guardian have been offered, making it reasonable to assume that lingering technology difficulties contributed to its absence from TGS 2012.

While Sony executives are (so far) keeping silent on The Last Guardian at TGS, an alleged, anonymous Sony of Japan developer, speaking with Kotaku, promises that work on the “very ambitious project” continues.

“I give you my word that it exists. We are working on it.”

“There are lots of pieces to the puzzle. It’s a matter of getting them to fit together.”

Kotaku’s source goes on to note that The Last Guardian – once slated for release at the end of 2011 – was likely announced far too early, and that Fumito Ueda, who left Team Ico in December of last year, is still closely involved with the game’s development.

It’s already been a long road for The Last Guardian, and there’s no telling where it will end. Speaking with Game Rant earlier this year, Sony Canada’s Matt Levitan pointed out that, like Polyphony Digital with the Gran Turismo games, Team Ico is being given “as much time as they need” to make The Last Guardian “the game they want it to be.”

It’s a noble position for Sony to take, but if The Last Guardian doesn’t arrive before PlayStation 4 does – remember, Shuhei Yoshida insists that TLG remains a PS3 game – will it still be able to generate enough excitement (and sales) to justify (and pay for) its long years of development? What do you think?

The Last Guardian is still in development for PS3.

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Source: Kotaku