The Last Guardian has been one of the PS3’s most anticipated titles since the system’s initial release. It’s also had more than its fair share of problems to deal with, including delays, developers leaving, and rumors of cancellation. Now, said unfortunate luck seems to be continuing, as it also may not be appearing at E3 this year.

Game Informer talked to a PR representative of Sony regarding The Last Guardian‘s status at E3. They said that the game was still being developed, but they had “no news to share at this time with regards to the franchise and E3.” Whether this means that the game just isn’t going to be at the event, or it is and Sony isn’t telling is difficult to say.

What can be confirmed from this is that the game is still being developed, despite the rumors that the game had been cancelled – something Sony Canada’s Matt Levitan told us previously when he said people will be “blown away” by the game when they see it. Its current stage of development, though, still seems to be somewhat up in the air. At first Sony claimed that some slow progress was being made with the game’s development, but later that month said The Last Guardian was playable – though it was far too soon to talk about an official release date.

It’s the confusion and conflicting stories that can make this one of the most frustrating games to follow for any gamer eager to find out more about it. The Last Guardian has been in development in some way for almost five years now. It was talked about way back when the PS3 was just starting out, and still hasn’t seen the light of day now that the next generation of consoles are on the horizon. It says a lot about Team Ico‘s status among gamers that this title is still as hotly-anticipated as it is, but it would be nice if we could get a straight answer one way or the other about what’s going to happen to it.

Do you think The Last Guardian will make an appearance at E3? Are you still looking forward to the game’s eventual release?

The Last Guardian will arrive on the PS3 at a later date.

Source: Game Informer