Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team Ico officially release a trailer for the action-adventure title The Last Guardian to detail the game’s accolades.

Prior to its official release last week, The Last Guardian received a mixture of considerably fair and positive reviews after its nearly decade-long stint spent in production. With this being the case, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team Ico have decided to put out a brand new trailer for the game that highlights some of the more glowing criticisms bestowed upon the release.

As seen in PlayStation’s “Accolades Trailer” below, fans are not only given a taste of the positive reception given to the game, but also are treated to a sweeping accompanying score as well as some of the title’s more grandiose visuals for added flair and effect. Certainly, it goes without saying that Sony and Team Ico are attempting to ensure that The Last Guardian maintains solid sales after its launch by only focusing on the favorable aspects of the game, so it will be interesting to see if the new trailer manages to sway the opinions of fans currently sitting on the fence.

Although The Last Guardian fared relatively well in the domain of critical reviews, the action-adventure title was overtaken on the sales charts a week after its release, asĀ  Capcom’s Dead Rising 4 outsold the game for December 2016 in the UK, with Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beating out FIFA 17 for the top spot.

Naturally, with The Last Guardian having spent a considerable amount of time in development hell, it’s safe to presume that Sony and Team Ico would like for the game to go on to great financial success in order to recoup the expenses that went into its production. This is surely yet another reason as to why the companies have decided to give the action-adventure title the accolades trailer treatment.


Despite its less than perfect debut, Sony still remains positive about the bottom line when it comes to The Last Guardian, as the game’s pre-orders exceeded expectations. With that being the case, though, one could contend that the company had low expectations for the title’s sales or were too optimistic at the outset, but it really depends on the context of the argument being put forth.

At any rate, the most important notion for The Last Guardian fans and Team Ico acolytes to hope for is that the game does well enough to justify further releases from the studio. After all, even if some weren’t completely blown away by The Last Guardian, when one looks back to the developers’ past work with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, it’s patently obvious that the company is capable of great things.

The Last Guardian is available now for PlayStation 4.