The Last Guardian receives a much sooner than expected twenty dollar price drop that looks to be permanent at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and the PlayStation Store.

After years of delays and speculation, Sony fans finally had a chance to dive into The Last Guardian at the end of 2016. Despite a decade of hype, the delays ended up being too long of a wait for many gamers and the adventure title didn’t receive quite as much attention at launch as expected. The reviews were mostly positive, though the game certainly suffered for having¬†been in development for too long, but The Last Guardian sales didn’t meet expectations.

Just a few months after its release, Sony is ready to start making up for some of those shortcomings by giving consumers more motivation to purchase The Last Guardian. Shoppers started to notice last night that multiple retailers had reduced the price of The Last Guardian, which has managed to go Gold, from $60 to $40. Although it seemed like a random February discount, Polygon has received confirmation that it is actually a permanent price cut.

The 33% discount was confirmed by a Sony representative and shoppers can purchase the title for $40 on the PlayStation Store in addition to traditional retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop.


With only eight weeks on shelves, this discount does feel very early for a Sony exclusive title, but The Last Guardian didn’t have nearly the kind of word of mouth following that the company was likely hoping for. Releasing just over a week after Thanksgiving also held the game back from being a part of the Black Friday shopping spree that usually gives late fall titles a serious boost.

Aside from a few end of the year award nominations, it’s a little strange how quickly The Last Guardian dropped off of the industry’s radar. Enthusiasts spent years speculating about the game, only to completely forget about it just three weeks or so after its launch. It’s possible that the short campaign, roughly twelve hours, and lack of reasons to replay the game made it easy to put it down after one play through and mostly forget about it. It’s always exciting to see a new IP from Sony, so hopefully the company isn’t discourage from taking risk like The Last Guardian in the future.

Have you already purchased or played The Last Guardian? If not, will the $40 price tag win you over? Let us know in the comments.

The Last Guardian is available now on PS4.