With the reveal trailer for The Evil Within 2 having been recently released during Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference over the weekend, fans of the survival-horror franchise are no doubt wondering how the narrative from the first installment will carry over into the sequel. With this being the case, Bethesda Softworks has now decided to put out the first story trailer for the title, detailing exactly how much Sebastian has been suffering since the original entry in the series.

As seen below in the official E3 story trailer for The Evil Within 2, no punches are pulled when it comes to bringing fans up to speed with the plot from the previous game, as the clip fills folks in as to where Sebastian is in his life over the course of the last three alcohol-fueled years. So, for those who don’t wish to encounter any spoilers from the first game, it’s best to avoid watching the story trailer and to tread lightly throughout the rest of the article.

The narrator of The Evil Within 2‘s story trailer – the deuteragonist of the first game, Juli Kidman – addresses Sebastian throughout the entirety of the footage, and touches on her betrayal of him in the original title as she had been working for the shadowy organization of Mobius unbeknown to him. Now, she is contacting Sebastian to heed the call of Mobius in order to save the life of his daughter Lily – who was thought to be dead, but is actually alive – as she is being used as the foundation for a new STEM system, with the young girl now being trapped inside of it.

In having to deal with the grief following the supposed death of his daughter, experiencing the scars taken on from the events in The Evil Within, and crossing paths again with his once-trusted partner in Juli, Sebastian is having a rough go of it to say the least. Of course, while the sequel’s story is undoubtedly important, many fans are surely hoping for an official gameplay trailer to provide an idea as to how the followup has tweaked the mechanics of the original. Surely, more narrative and in-game elements will be sussed out even more so as the days and months lead up to the launch of The Evil Within 2.

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The Evil Within 2
is slated to release on October 13, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Softworks – YouTube