With the publisher Bethesda having released a story trailer for developer Tango Gameworks’ forthcoming survival-horror title The Evil Within 2 a couple of weeks ago, it’s a safe bet to make that fans of the franchise are looking forward to seeing more actual gameplay footage. Thankfully, a fresh video has surfaced online that focuses on one of the game’s sidequests that features the protagonist Sebastian’s tracking and stealth skills.

As seen in the video below courtesy of the YouTube channel 4PlayersTVexklusiv, The Evil Within 2 fans are shown a fragment of gameplay from a sidequest in Chapter 3 of the title, with Sebastian tracking down the source of a girl’s voice with the help of his Communicator. What he ends up finding is a lanky, female paranormal entity that’s intent on his destruction, causing him to run, hide, and evade detection in order to survive.

While most of the above video is dedicated to Sebastian attempting to figure out the mystery behind the ghost trying to kill him, there’s not too much action to be had in this scenario other than the scares that come out of the spirit lunging at the protagonist in a somewhat unpredictable manner. Those looking for actual combat and gunplay would do well to stick around toward the end of the clip, as it offers a brief bit of Sebastian taking on a zombie-like enemy.

Although there’s no telling exactly how many of these types of sidequests will be found in The Evil Within 2 upon its launch, fans will likely welcome any ancillary missions outside of the main campaign with open arms, as it will increase the amount of gameplay to be had in the title. Plus, with Tango Gameworks having declared that the sequel will provide a more customizable experience than its predecessor, gamers could wind up with more replayability in the followup than in the original.

All things considered, The Evil Within 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated releases in the fall of this year, as horror titles have received a resurgence in popularity as of late thanks to the recent availability of such titles as Resident Evil 7, Friday the 13th: The Game, and Outlast 2. However, it will be interesting to see how the quality of the second entry compares to the original game knowing that the first title’s director Shinji Mikami’s involvement with the sequel is not as hands-on this time around.

The Evil Within 2 is slated to release on October 13, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: 4PlayersTVexklusiv – YouTube