One of the core pillars for The Evil Within 2 is a greater focus on storytelling, something that fans and critics agreed came up short in the first game. As the story centers around protagonist Sebastian Castellanos searching for his daughter being held by the Mobius organization, the developers are also using strong antagonists to help push the game’s narrative. The latest trailer from Bethesda reveals new beta gameplay along with the twisted monster known as The Guardian.

The new gameplay for The Evil Within 2 begins in Chapter 2 with Sebastian trying to track down members of the Mobius Search Team. Before long, he ends up in a dimly lit room, with unsettling dead bodies and a mysterious camera which leads him into a new room. After finding a mirror with his picture taped to it, the glass breaks revealing the towering nightmare that is the Guardian. Featuring multiple faces, a massive saw blade for an arm, and what appears to be bodies sewn together, Sebastian’s only recourse is to run away from the monster.

After a short running segment, the player reaches a room and shuts the door just as the saw blade swipes down. Finding a vent, Sebastian scurries up into it, though the Guardian continues to make life difficult by cutting away at the venting system every now and again. Things take a surprising turn towards the end of the video as Sebastian is eventually captured by the monster, forcing the player into some quick thinking before a Game Over screen likely appears.

The Guardian joins a growing roster of memorable villains including Obscura and Stefano Valentini, a stylish and death obsessed photographer that was introduced two weeks ago. Unlike the monstrous Guardian, Valentini is a suit wearing human who escaped into the STEM world of Union to evade the authorities who were on his tail for a series of murders he was responsible for. The photographer, as he is sometimes known, is also the creator of the many monsters the player encounters by using this world as his living canvas.

The Evil Within 2 launches on October 13 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda YouTube