As The Evil Within 2 fans might have expected, the forthcoming sequel from Tango Gameworks will allow players to not only customize the story’s protagonist Sebastian, but also his various weapons as well. However, it looks as if the next entry in the series will provide a customization system that’s a lot more expansive and adaptable than its predecessor, as Bethesda has released a brand new trailer detailing how the management of the main character and his sundry arms is going to work.

As explained by The Evil Within 2‘s developers, players will be using two different resources to upgrade both Sebastian and his armory of weapons on a separate basis. To be specific, Green Gel – the material that customized Sebastian as well as his gear in the previous installment – now only upgrades the protagonist, while weapons themselves will be updated via Weapon Parts.

Sebastian’s customization options in The Evil Within 2 will be structured in five different categories, including health, combat, stealth, recovery, and athleticism, allowing fans to alter their play styles in whichever way they choose. For example, should one invest in the combat tree, Sebastian can inflict more damage and learn abilities like Bullet Cascade, which amplifies the power of each consecutive shot for a short time, while the health tree increases the life gauge and allows him to survive some attacks that might have previously been fatal.

When it comes to weapons, players can customize them with the aforementioned Parts, which can add new abilities or increase their fire rate and ammo capacity. Plus, the sequel will have an in-depth crafting system, letting fans create weapons and ammo with items they’ve found along the way. Not to mention, Sebastian’s communicator gives the hero more branching options in the various paths he can take in order to reach a certain destination, making for a more dynamic experience than the first game.

Bearing all of this in mind, it sounds as if Tango Gameworks has learned a lot from studying the prior game’s shortcomings and has been able to refine some existing features in The Evil Within 2, while also adding new ones as well. So, although the sequel won’t be helmed by original director Shinji Mikami, there seems to be plenty to look forward to in the forthcoming title.

The Evil Within 2 is slated to launch on October 13, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source:, Bethesda Softworks – YouTube