With so many MMOs in existence today, some of them premium a lot of them free-to-play, The Elder Scrolls Online will undoubtedly have to do some pretty unique things to catch gamers’ eyes. Sure, setting an MMO in the universe of The Elder Scrolls is a dream come true, but it’s in the mechanics that players will need to find a reason to commit the time required of an MMO.

One of those features that developer ZeniMax will use to set The Elder Scrolls Online apart from the pack is in its public dungeons. Thought to have been a thing of the past — weeded out in favor of instanced dungeons that require a prepared party — public dungeons are coming back for The Elder Scrolls Online.

As expected, public dungeons will take on a form very similar to what is already featured in The Elder Scrolls series, like in Skyrim, only with other players involved. The dungeons will consist of a large catacomb filled with tons of creatures, and are completely soloable if a gamer chooses, but they are best experienced with at least one other player.

Giving players public dungeons, while a bit antiquated, stems back to one of ZeniMax’s key goals with The Elder Scrolls Online: for players to meet other players without the use of menus. The example given by Game Director Matt Firor involves two players trying to solo their way through a dungeon and meeting up at the same spot to heal, and then clearing out the dungeon together the rest of the way.

There’s a reason that public dungeons went the way of the dodo bird, but if The Elder Scrolls Online can give gamers a better riff on the feature, one that sees them joining up with each other organically, then hardcore MMO fans will be okay with their return. It may not be the subscription-based multiplayer Skyrim adventure that gamers were hoping for, but it has piqued our interest.

What do you think about The Elder Scrolls Online featuring public dungeons? What other MMO systems/features would you like to see come back into style?

Source: EDGE