While ZeniMax Online Studios‘ live walkthrough of The Elder Scrolls Online was chalked full of new information, including a big reveal that the game was capable of running on 5-year old PCs and Macs, it was surprisingly devoid of monsters. Sure, there was a brief quest completion rundown that saw the developer heading back in time to free a town of a ghost infestation and then dispatching of a wayward werewolf leader, but where were the enemies players have come to love? Where were the daedra, the giants from Skyrim, or the vampires? As it turns out, they’re all in there, and ZeniMax were pretty insistent on putting them in.

Talking with Game Informer, Maria Aliprando (Creature Combat Designer) and Nick Konkle (Lead Gameplay Designer) reveal just some of the iconic Elder Scrolls monsters that will be appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online. Since this game has been in development for quite some time, dating even back further than Skyrim, there was the preconceived notion that monsters in Skyrim would not be appearing, but that is not the case.

Everyone’s favorite monster encounters from Skyrim, the giants have been confirmed for Elder Scrolls Online, and they are no less brutal. Mess with their pack of mammoths and they will send you reeling. Probably not flying sky high, but still in a world of hurt.

Aliprando also talks a little bit about Molag Bal, the daedric prince who serves as the main antagonist for this MMO. At his disposal will, of course, be a horde of daedra, along with some various other smatterings of monsters. As the main antagonist he is sure to be tough, but hopefully by the time players get to Bal they will have accumulated a healthy party of companions through the game’s public dungeons.

While we saw quite a bit of The Elder Scrolls Online during E3 2012, gamers at have yet to be treated to the plethora of information that comes with a major MMO’s reveal. It’s only smaller details at this point, without anything resembling a full gameplay demo being shown for longer than a few minutes. Hopefully soon we’ll get a better look at some of the aforementioned monsters in action.

Which of the many Elder Scrolls monsters do you hope to see appear in TESO? Any you hope end up on the cutting room floor?

The Elder Scrolls Online currently has no release date, but is heading to the PC and Mac.

Source: Game Informer