Less than a week after the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, some players are already looking forward to add-on content, and it’s just over the horizon. Although there is an undeniably enormous world to explore in the core game, some of the more hardcore fans reached the level cap before the early access period had ended and they are geared up and ready for whatever is next to come.

It may seem a little early to start thinking about additional content, but to many MMO-addicts, the game only starts once you hit max level. Keeping veteran players entertained and happy is crucial to the success of any game in the MMO genre. If the trailer for the upcoming Craglorn addition to TESO is any indication, it looks like the creators at Bethesda and ZeniMax have plenty of excitement in store for high level adventurers.

Craglorn, the first content addition to TESO, will launch for free later this month. The new content will include TESO’s first Adventure Zone, which includes a brand-new storyline and content specifically designed for veteran players. The Adventure Zone will include both 4-player quests and 12-player Trials.

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Trials, for those of us not verse in TESO language quite yet, are instanced experiences designed for groups of 12. There are a few more rules and challenges to each Trial than there are in a typical World of Warcraft raid or similar instanced experiences in other MMOs, but it’s the same concept of a challenging series of battles designed for a group of experienced players. The challenging Trial events are meant to be a unique experience unlike anything else players experience in the game according to creative director Paul Sage.

“Once you begin you’ll have to overcome a lot of different challenges, such as environmental hazards… There’s a lot of different monsters we throw at you, and of course there are boss monsters that have interesting tactics that you haven’t encountered anywhere in the game before. And if all the encounters and bosses weren’t enough, you have a timer that you’re up against and you also have a limited number of resurrections that your group is allowed.”

Although TESO is sure to incorporate some more substantial for-pay content additions (expansions) down the line, adding a new chunk of content for free just a month after launch is definitely a strong move to stay in good graces with players who are shelling out $15 per month to play the game. Craglorn will likely drop right around the time the free 30-day trial is expiring for most players who picked up the game at launch and the new content may be just the motivation they need to stick around. If these kind of content additions remain a frequent occurrence, the young MMO may have a much better chance of retaining subscribers than we initially estimated.

In addition to the upcoming changes that Craglorn will bring to the world of Tamriel, the recent v1.0.2 patch implemented a series of subtle changes that were needed after the game’s launch. The primary function of the patch was to address the issue of a few buggy quests that were blocking player progress. Other changes include the outlawing of frog racing, the removal of wishing wells from Skywatch, and a few dozen other little tweaks. Check out the patch notes for a full breakdown of the changes.

Would frequent free content additions make you more likely to subscribe to the MMO? Let us know in the comments.


The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available for PC and Mac, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports set to debut in June. Craglorn will be available to subscribers later this month.

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