As the days continue to count down until the April PC release of The Elder Scrolls Online, more and more details are becoming available about the upcoming ZeniMax Studios MMO. Many PC gamers have already had a chance to get some hands-on time with the fantasy RPG thanks to beta access, but those without beta keys will have to settle for the gameplay footage that the development team has been releasing.

Crafting is nothing new to the world of MMOs, but TESO is attempting to give the mechanic a fresh coat of paint by emphasizing travel and offering the experience to all players, regardless of their main profession. Three members of the development team discuss how crafting works in a new play session video.

Now that we know roughly how many hours of gameplay TESO will have to offer players at launch, it’s time to start looking into how citizens of Tamriel will be spending that time. Like any MMO, TESO will offer players many extra activities outside of fighting mobs and turning in quests. For starters, heroes will be able to gather resources and craft items for personal use or to sell to other members of the community.

It sounds like crafting stations will exist in towns, like they do in most role-playing games, but players will also be motivated to seek out special stations sprinkled throughout the game world that offer the opportunity to craft unique items with special bonuses. All players will be able to participate in the crafting fun, but only characters that have trained in the Keen Eye skill will be able to easily track resources and materials on the map.

The Elder Scrolls Online PC Specs E3

One of the major selling points of the crafting system is the amount of control players will have over their creations. from specific level, to appearance and properties. Much like World of Warcraft and TESO’s other competitors, the developers are aiming to make crafting a highly-valued trait, so that players who have dedicated time to the skill can capitalize on their expertise. Anyone who has reached max level in an MMO is well aware that it’s commonplace to drop a serious amount of in-game currency to purchase uniquely crafted items from other players, and TESO is no exception.

The crafting system doesn’t look particularly groundbreaking – but then, with the sheer amount of MMOs and RPGs on the market, how could it? There’s no doubt that seeking out special crafting locations will be a fun way to spend some in-game time for TESO players, but the mechanic likely isn’t a make-or-break proposition for consumers that are still on the fence about jumping into another MMO with a monthly subscription fee.

How important are MMO professions and crafting to you? Are you interested in these kind of side activities or do you prefer to focus on the main quest lines? Sound off in the comments.


The Elder Scrolls Online arrives April 4, 2014 for PC and Mac platforms, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports set to debut in June.

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