The Elder Scrolls: Legends Coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

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Today at its E3 press briefing, Bethesda Softworks announced that its digital card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, is coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Any progress that players who have previously played the game on PC or mobile will carry over to the console versions.

The new version of Elder Scrolls: Legends was built with a revamped UI, menu, and arena. "The new client will also refresh the onboarding experience, making it faster and easier than ever for new players to dive into the strategic fun of Legends," Bethesda said in a blog post.

Last month, Bethesda announced that it is switching developers from the Denver-based Dire Wolf Digital to Sparkypants, perhaps it was searching for a studio with more console-game experience.   

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now the third game that Bethesda has brought to the Nintendo handheld console, joining Doom and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Legends was released in March 2017 as a competitor to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, currently the digital card game king.

Legends is similar to Hearthstone, but its action takes place on two lanes, and you build decks of at least 50 cards from two houses, or 75 cards from three houses if using the tri-faction cards. The game is also free-to-play and has a story mode. Legends has had two expansions, Heroes of Skyrim and Return to Clockwork City.

Bethesda mentioned that more than 11 million fans have played Legends since its launch, a healthy amount proving that digital card games are as relevant as ever. As for the primary Elder Scrolls franchise, two expansions for The Elder Scrolls Online will be released later this year.

It’ll be interesting to see how Bethesda adapts the card-game mechanics to a controller for PS4 and Xbox One, since neither Hearthstone, Shadowverse, or even the upcoming Magic: The Gathering: Arena are on consoles.

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