Major Nelson announces a giveaway awarding one lucky entrant with a special The Division-themed Xbox One, as well as a copy of the game to five runners-up.

Even though most gamers who are hyped about The Division have probably placed their pre-orders or at least have plans to pick it up on day one, there’s still room for some unique swag. Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is holding a contest in which one winner will receive a limited edition The Division-themed Xbox One.

Announced today on his blog, Major Nelson’s contest is awarding one lucky entrant a custom 500GB Xbox One, complete with the Tom Clancy’s The Division title, orange and black color scheme, and the in-game phoenix right logo on the console. It also comes with one wireless controller in a special orange hue and a digital copy of the game. Five other entrants will be also chosen to receive a free copy of the game by itself. The winners won’t be chosen until the day after The Division launches, but winning an extra copy of the game or a limited edition console shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

To enter the contest, all gamers have to do is leave a comment on Major Nelson’s blog post answering the following question: “What is your plan to take back New York City from hostile factions?” Entries must be submitted by 12 PM PST on March 8th, and entrants are advised to include their Twitter handle or email address on their comment so that Major Nelson can easily contact them if they win.

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Winning a custom Xbox One based off The Division is sure to make the winner happy, especially since the Xbox One is slated to get The Division DLC first. The Xbox One version is arguably not the definitive version of The Division, however. Trailers and previews have revealed that the PC version has significant advantages over console versions, including a 60 FPS frame rate and shading and texture improvements exclusive to the PC version of The Division.

Whether gamers choose to play The Division on PC, Xbox One, or the PlayStation 4, chances are that this contest will have heated competition. With 6.4 million players logging in for The Division‘s beta, which struggled to accommodate everyone who was promised beta access, even a fraction of those players entering the contest will make for some tough odds. Major Nelson didn’t specify how the winning entry will be chosen, though it may depend upon how many entries are received. Sifting through potentially tens of thousands (or more) entries for the best answer probably isn’t practical, so the winners may be chosen at random instead.

Ranters, what do you think of the unique The Division Xbox One’s design? Let us know in the comments.

The Division will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 8th.

Source: Major Nelson