After previously teasing fans, Ubisoft reveals what Operation ISAC actually is and how players can earn some new rewards by playing through Tom Clancy’s The Division each week.

After exploding onto the scene earlier this year thanks to a well received beta that pulled in monster numbers and a record breaking first week, Tom Clancy’s The Division has quickly found its groove with players over the past month. The game recently received its first major update called Incursions, giving players all kinds of new things to do including collect new loot, fight over uncontaminated supply drops in the Dark Zone, and also complete a difficult Incursion mission called Falcon Lost. Lost in the shuffle of all the new features is something known as Operation ISAC.

Teased briefly during a livestream by community developer Hamish Bode, fans now have all the details thanks to Update 1.1 releasing for The Division. Operation ISAC  provides players with a set of weekly challenges to over come in the game. New transmissions are set to arrive every Tuesday and as long as players complete each objective prior to the next transmission, they’ll be able to claim the reward.

The first Operation ISAC transmission has arrived from someone known as Simon Keyes through a live action trailer. These transmissions appear to set up a larger story involving an unknown entity trying to gain access to the local ISAC database network eventually revealing that it may be related to rogue agents. Based on the information, Agent Keyes hands out the assignment to players to help uncover more information on what’s going on. It’s presumed that these trailers will continue the story each week.

For this week, players will need to kill 50 cleaner type enemies within the Dark Zone, deconstruct 30 items of green or higher quality, kill 30 veteran level enemies, and complete 10 missions on the Hard difficulty. Do all of this before next Tuesday, April 19, and 30 Phoenix credits will be rewarded. As of now, it’s uncertain if the reward will consistently be Phoenix credits, or something unique each week.

Ubisoft hopes players will be working through the new Falcon Lost mission for a while, especially considering how long it took its own developers to actually beat the challenging mission. The good news for fans is that another free update has been promised for May, adding another new Incursion mission near the Columbus Circle along with changes to the Dark Zone. Outside of that, season pass content is planned for June with Underground with Survival hitting later in the summer and finally the third expansion tentatively scheduled for a late 2016 release.

Will these challenges keep you playing The Division for the long haul, or has your attention moved elsewhere such as Destiny who also received its own major content update as well? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft YouTube Channel