Ubisoft reveals the details surrounding this week’s assignment for players of MMO shooter The Division, continuing the game’s Operation ISAC weekly series.

Ubisoft’s hugely popular shooter The Division may be on the receiving end of a wide variety of glitches and bugs, but that has not stopped developer Massive Entertainment from setting more weekly assignments for the game’s users. In fact, Monday saw the release of another weekly assignment for the game’s players. Continuing the Operation ISAC weekly assignment series, this week sees operatives hunting after some well-known enemies.

The Division users need not get too excited about their tasks this week, as the assignment will see the player retreading old ground. First up, the user needs to collect 30 tools / ISAC exe, before moving on to killing a certain number of enemies. The player will need to take down 50 Rikers out in the Dark Zone, and also kill 20 Elite NPCs.

Finally, the player needs to complete at least 10 Main Missions on hard difficulty. Should the user in question complete all of these tasks, they will then be given a reward. However, what that reward will be is not exactly clear. Those interested in more information can see the Operation ISAC video below.

Those concerned that these weekly missions will be affected by Ubisoft’s decision to move The Division‘s weekly maintenance to Thursdays need not fear. As it stands, these weekly assignments will still reset on Tuesday, and will not be changed by these behind-the-scenes update plans.

Although the prospect of additional loot will no doubt be compelling for some players of the game, The Division has recently come under a lot of fire from the video game community, particularly regarding the title’s end game. Specifically, the issues surrounding the numerous exploits have left many feeling disheartened by the whole experience, with some even suspecting that the game has been truly broken. What’s more, some have found issue with how Massive and Ubisoft have handled loot in the game, when taking a page out of Diablo 3‘s book may have been a better option.

Nonetheless, The Division still holds a strong grip on gamers in general, with the title sitting pretty as the best selling game of March 2016. Should the MMO shooter want to remain at the top of the pecking order, however, more may need to be done to keep gamers interested. In future, perhaps these weekly assignments could offer up a little more variety for fans.

Here is the full rundown of The Division‘s weekly assignment.

The Division Transmission 03 Operation ISAC Weekly Assignment (April 25):

  • Collect 30 Tools // ISAC exe
  • Kill 50 Rikers in the Dark Zone
  • Kill 20 Elite NPCs
  • Complete 10 Main Missions on Hard Difficulty

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft US (YouTube)